Branded AM FM Radio

Branded AM FM Radio

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I am looking for branded AM FM radio for house. I had used the Philips Trishul one that had rechargeable cell inside. My requirements are as follows:

1. Should be branded
2. Stereo speakers
3. Must use direct AC line, and then rechargeable cell/AA battery
4. If possible, then have digital tuning and not manual (the roadside 50rs radios have digital tuning, so why not desktop ones?)

I saw the clock radios, but the alarm work only if there is power. So if the power goes out in morning, the alarm will not sound eek Are there any alarm radios that work even without AC power?

Lastly, is there any good mobile about 2k with good loudspeakers and that can use FM radio as alarm? Am I better buying such mobile than a radio?

Please help!

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nokia x2 has decent stereo speakers with built in FM antenna and can be used as a FM alarm clock

Most Philips and Sony FM radios available in India are mono radios (like Philips Surkiran, i did not like it much either)

Branded Stereo Radios are expensive and difficult to find – one SONY type is available with Flipkart. Or else, buy a boombox or mini HIFI system with good radio and preferably some built in IPOD dock. You get lot more functions and better quality