Need help for macbook charger

Need help for macbook charger

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Dear Dimers,

My macbook charger (macbook pro – 2010) is not working and need your help.

(Issue with the charger: The middle pin at the connector that helps in determining charging level is broken)

I want to buy a new charger and I am left with 2 choices.

1) 3rd party chargers that costs around Rs. 1500+
2) Apple warranty charger that cost upward of Rs.6000+

I want to know if anyone has experience in using 3rd party chargers as I really do not want to spend heavily on macbook as it is a very old laptop. Also, any jugaad if anyone has been able to do to overcome such charger issues.

Also, if anyone understands technicality which is more safe approach – buying 3rd party charger or replacing the connecting wire from original adapter (costs around 1000 on ebay)? I am looking at options that gets the work done without harming the laptop.

Thanks in advance

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Same problem I faced.when I ask apple which one to buy ?.either the third party or original. they said third party charger will affect your internal components of don’t buy and you will have only seller warranty for ,buy Apple original which is will have one year Apple warrany.