►►Need suggestion for Tablet (Budget: Rs.12,000...

►►Need suggestion for Tablet (Budget: Rs.12,000). How is Nexus 7 for Rs.8999 on Flipkart ?

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Hi guys,

I want to buy a Tab for home use for my family. My sis read competitive exams site, my dad read news update on PC. And i read tech blogs, social networking, android rooting & hacking etc wink I’m confused between [B]Nexus7+16GB+wifi[/B] and [B]Nexus7+32GB+3G+wifi[/B] on flipkart its Rs.9k and Rs.13k till 19th Oct.

I’ve wifi at home of BSNL 2MBPS NU using on my old desktop. I’ve also XOLO Q800 which can be used as Wi-fi hotspot, so 1st i thought to buy wi-fi version only. For 3G version I’ve to pay Rs.4k more. Guys is it worth to pay Rs.4k extra for 3G version Nexus ? If any of you using Nexus 7 (2012) plz clarify me few things:

1. Can i use whatsapp, wechat, gtalk, skype on Nexus?
2. Can i make video call using gtalk/skype?
3. Hows reading experience pdf file on this tab ? Does it hurt your eyes reading for long duration ? My main purpose is to read PDF and offline webpage files.
4. Is screen too small to read pdf or browse webpage ? My dad is 55 year old uses Plus power glasses.
5. can i root ? Can i use custom ROM ?
6. How is its service warranty in India?

If u think you can suggest any other better tab then here is my requirement.

1. Budget: Rs.10k-12k
2. Display type and size: Must have IPS with 200+ PPI, 7" -10"
3. Preferred choice of brand: Any brand with min 1 Year service warranty
4. Preferred connectivity options : Bluetooth , inbuilt 3G for DATA. Calling facility is not important.

plz guide me, i’m confused here, Only NEXUS brand is attracting me lot here. :razz:

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Deal Cadet

While comparing to samsung tab, i suggest you to go for Nexus with SC card . Its the best option .