XiaoMi 10400mAh USB Portable Power Bank

XiaoMi 10400mAh USB Portable Power Bank

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XiaoMi 10400mAh USB Portable Power Bank $24.59


They e-mail suggest that the power bank will price at $19.99 3 hours later.

Dimension: 8cm*3cm*18cm

Gross Weight: 0.071kg

Powered by the latest battery technology from LG and Samsung Massive capacity Lithium-ion batteries from LG and Samsung Leading battery technologies from LG and Samsung offer a charge capacity of up to 10400mAh, which keeps your favorite mobile devices going longer Beautifully engineered protective technologies Aluminum-alloy body One button. Lots of power MI Charger’s intuitive design makes it ready to use out of the box Plays well with others MI Charger actively adjusts its output to make sure your device is getting an optimal charge MI Charger is compatible with all Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and Blackberry mobile devices. It also supports some digital cameras and mobile gaming devices Designed with precision