A Review of Alcatel OT-517D by me

A Review of Alcatel OT-517D by me

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A Review of Alcatel OT-517D by me

By now, this is one of the best cellphones I have used till date in this price range.
Last year I had bought Zen X-380 at Rs.1300 and Olive V – G3000 Mobile at Rs.1000 (you can find them on letsbuy).

I have used both of them, they lie in the same price range and have most of the features most of the common with Alcatel.

What an added advantage Alcatel gives us is Bluetooth and a simple Camera.

Now here is What I loved the most…

1)The screen display is bigger and better than most of the phones available in the market within the same price range (even at Rs.899 currently on futurebazaar is actually a steal !!!)

2)The icons and the text displayed are rally very crisp and lovable.

3)The phone has an internal memory of 1 MB..
which is very useful in setting your own wallpaper on the home screen..

Note: This function of setting your own customised wallpaper is not available till now in any of the sub Rs.1000 phones available in the market.

4)The loudspeaker gives enough voice and also very clear and very good in Quality.
(The sound in the loudspeakers is really original and it doesnt seem like coming from a chinese handset)

5)It gives u 6 lines while composing message which is very comfortable to the eyes.

6)The make of the mobile is really very good.
U would feel as if u are a holding a NOKIA in your hand.
Very tough and durable.

7)The buttons of the keypad are comfort on hands and a really good texting mobile.

8)The images from the camera are very good in lighting conditions.

9)The handset really is worth around Rs.1200

10)Call clarity and network catching is really at the best.

Now here is What I somewhat didn’t like…

1)Bluetooth is of older version.
So smaller data transmission would be fine but not large data.

2)A2DP is not suported in music player although you can connect your bluetooth headsets for making calls.

3)Net browser is just ok !!!
Facebook works just fine.

4)The headset jack of 3.5mm is missing here,it would have been better to see it.

5)Wireless FM is missing in this cell.

6) The music in the headphones is just OK !!!

Do let me know whether my detailed review was helpful to all of my desidimer friends or not.

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