Apple iPhone 5C 5S Rcom offer

Apple iPhone 5C 5S Rcom offer

Deal Cadet

well i m writing this purely from a desi dimer point of view..explaining why its a killer deal and anyone whose internet + mobile bill usage is more than 1500 ..
1. no FUP in unlimited 3g data .. only thing which i m not sure about is ..can v connect it to PC and use it as a modem so v dont need nay internet connection.
2. if u basic mobile bill + internet usage is about say INR 1500 so basically we get the deal at INR 1500 per month

based on NPV (net present value) of an annuity calculation, the present value of the future worth of annuity of 2 years of INR 1500 at 10 % interest rate per annum comes to about INR 32506 .. basically u r paying about 32506 INR for the iphone which has launch price of INR 53500 at present value basically u can assume that u r paying price of a galaxy note 2 by paying all the money upfront and getting an Iphone.

for annuity calculation see ( rate = 0.83333 period = 24 amount = 1500 )…

extra advantages:

1. u can save INR 500 per user indirectly by allowing every1 to use ur phone whenever possible and never picking anybody’s call and calling them up. will be a huge indirect savings for other people. Also can save about INR 1000 for hi speed internet charges.use the phone as a modem and do away with landline ent connection, internet dongle etc. The only caveat here is whether Rcom allows the phone to be used as a modem or not. Personally i feel they will allow since it is clearly written on the website that u can use other sim card as well in place of Rcom.

2. if the monthly payment for mobile + internet is even more than 1500 INR .. then it is even cheaper for u.. do the NPV annuity calculations urself..

1.Stuck with an iphone for 2 years and who knows how much will apple change the technology in next 2 years. it may even become outdated.
2. this is the diwali dhamaka of younger brother anil.. wait for a bigger dhamaka by elder brother mukesh who is going to revolutionise internet within a year (mayb by january 2014) by offering internet at supercheap charges. BSNL may go bankrupt.

Verdict : Please go ahead and buy the phone if ur mobile + internet usage is nething above 1500 and IF u were thinking of buying a smartphone in the range of 25 -30 K .Rcom has seriously given all poor indians to actually own a world class phone at our price point and conditions.