Beware of buying from Yebhi (esp. watches)

Beware of buying from Yebhi (esp. watches)

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Was considering purchasing watches from Yebhi, but noticed that there is no mention about warranty on most watches. Called them twice to confirm and was told that unless the warranty period is mentioned explicitly for a particular watch, buyer will not be able to claim warranty at an authorized service center. Very few watches have warranty period mentioned on Yebhi.

Now the funny part is that most of the watches seem to be selling at MRP on Yebhi. Further, promo codes do not work on watches. So if Yebhi is charging MRP on the watches, then why is the warranty denied?

This raises several questions – are the watches seconds or defective or grey market stuff or what? If yes, then they are making a killing by selling it at MRP.

Is this true for other product categories (haven’t checked) as well?

Buyers beware!