brandsvillage - some impressions

brandsvillage - some impressions

Deal Cadet

This review to to help DDimers. And, hoping that the site under review does improve. is a nicely designed site, sometimes they have some neat brands, but I guess that is where it stays.

- Their 500 off for invites is bullshit (strong word, but you will see it is justified). Note that 99labels gives 500 off for the invited friend and 1000 off for you (both 50% usage), Fashion and You gives 250 off on 1000 to the invited friend and 750/1000 on 1500/2000 (depending on the time of year) to you. (So do others, e.g. Naapthol Privilege Club). Both these sites tell you clearly what the deal is right upfront. On Brandsvillage, there is nothing except a big blurb saying you get 500 off. You ask and ask, and in bits and pieces you get the info: Your friend who is invited gets nothing. And, the 500 is actually 250 off on 1000, two times! Bum deal!

- I invited 5 friends, two have got the items they bought, rest have yet to get their items even after 2 months! CC does not even reply. One got a Chinese fake. He told them. They said it is made in Europe. He said it says clearly ‘Made in China’ on the item. But, he was too tired to bother after that. Cheap as they come!

- They have vague listing for sizes, for clothing or shoes or whatever that is size based. Each brand has its own size numbers and you dont understand what is the size offered even though there is a big table about sizes in different geographical regions which is of no use to decide what size you have to choose (they prefer to educate us, instead of helping us buy)

- Many times their site hangs and you cant get in for hours.

- Somewhere on DD I read that the founder of this site is a great guy. Well, the way things are going, if he does not set these things right, he will less of a great guy very soon.