Amazon India - Careless attitude,Sorry, Refund,...

Amazon India - Careless attitude,Sorry, Refund,Return cycle

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Deal Subedar

Background: Ordered Reebok Shoe and They send me wrong colour, They don’t have replace word in dictionary and start return and refund song

They decide what colour of shoe I should be wearingevil

A major e-commerce vendor and a failed story from India, I am a frequent on-line shopper and do let go few minor mistakes, I don’t expect anyone to be 100% good. Over a month they had been a mess to begin with.

1. Customer Care seems like some outsourced to some third party who reads only rhyming words like Sorry, Inconvenience, Return, Refund , You should be very lucky if u get to listen any different words.
2. Zero value to customers time, Been kept on hold for 30minutes at times
3. Bad Quality team, Half the orders don’t meet up to descriptions( only comparing Amazon fulfilled orders , don’t ask about non-fulfilled ones, this page wont be enough to go on over them if I start)

They are great in return and refunds, but wait a min.Why would any one order to return and refund? Every time we have a problem they are only interested in sending u a refund, does look like they developed this culture of assuming customer will be happy if they can refund. They totally forgot the fact that customers have other works to-do and they expect orders to be full-filled and not return/refund.

I cant really blame the customer care employees, This might be coming form Sr.Leadership team or company policy that was drafted, they misguiding the employees by assuming customers are happy for refunds and returns.
By brand they sound quite huge, Well they are probably, But this is going to end sooner or later if they don’t correct their assumptions and attitude.

My sincere advice to Amazon if they ever care to respond or read the review

1. Change your customer care vendor, try call them once u will regret yourself for choosing them.
2. Stop assuming customer is happy with refund and return , We don’t order for fun and definitely don’t have time to return.
3. Your priority should be to get things right on first attempt
4. Try compete with top class e-commerce vendors and not third-class vendors.

Branding is everything, Please don’t dent it yourself.

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Kiran Reddy

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I too ordered a shoe back in November.
The color was completely different from the displayed one.. I raised the issue, and they were ready to refund but unable to provide that color shoe. It was sold by Bhupendra Nath Enterprises and fulfilled by Amazon.

Though the new color was not so bad and I liked it. So decided to keep it.