cart2india FILLING false shipping detail in eb...

cart2india FILLING false shipping detail in ebay..beware dimers

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Respected DD. This news might be shocking but it is the ‘truth’ .

cart2india failed to deliver many ebay orders mainly samsung galaxy mobiles ( they did the same with India times in February 2012 and many have been forced to cancel orders and wasted time )
Now with recent ebay 10% many have booked cart2inida offers and paid money.waited.waited. Now cart2india not only failed to deliver but went to the extent of even filling false shipping detail at ebay using chronos courier with wrong waybill No. customers waited for quite some time and when customer questions them , they say you can ask for cancellation and even said " those shipping details are not genuine. we did that just for ebay BUT we are ready to return the money thro ebay.

HOW could ebay allow this unethical business . To keep their image clean and not to be part of this sort of business methods.It is high time ebay should STOP cart2india. otherwise customers would be forced to consider that ebay has hand in glove with this ‘low’ rated cart2india store and their unethical business practices

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Cart2india sucks for real!
Ignoring the fact that the prices are way too high,most of you will have a bad experience with them, I too had a bitter one !!not only it took them almost a month to deliver the item,but also it was the wrong one!so according to the paisa pay policy of ebay i should have reported it to them as ‘item not received’,but the cart2india team mailed me several times,begging not to report it,so i did not(my bad!!).when the product was found to be wrong i gave them a negative review in ebay,so the ‘Shit2india’ contacted me via phone and told their sad story to evoke some sympathy (this story was heard almost always when someone complaints- that the company was started by 4 boys,they do all the work by themselves,…..blah blah..they offered me 10% discount on next purchase from their own website which will be starting soon,if i was ready to rewrite the negative review)..further contacts made the situation worse and they showed their true attitude(just take what we offer or leave) I stick on to my review and filed a refund via ebay…Returned the item,got my money back..deciding not to return to Shit2india ever!
Stay away!! go for better options like flipkart or Amazon(the cost including shipping would be anyways less than the cart2india price)!!