Vizio 10000 mAh Power Bank - VZ-PBSMRT01 (W...

Vizio 10000 mAh Power Bank - VZ-PBSMRT01 (White)

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I have brought this product from Home shop 18, the vizio and hs18 both are cheating the customers shamelessly. I was utter surprise after open the courier pack, because this does not have any manual or label on product/packing. the labels are removed over the product. they claim that it is 10AH power bank. I Have charged the bank it took 16 hrs to charge 100%. I have used this for charging my coolad2 phone has 1700mah battery two times, remaining charge is 9%. By this it is evident that it is 4000mah bank, sold by removing the labels on the product. the Hs 18 suppose to send the godrejGP power bank they did not send for 10 weeks time. By rigorous chasing they gave coupon to buy this waste product. Again I do not have patient to replace another becouse of very worst customer supper executive by name Reenaben who(is dealing my case ticket) put me in to harassment for near about 10 weeks.
*So I alert every one not to buy any of vizio product. *

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10 weeks eek confused eek eek Hats off to your patience and thank you for alerting us all !