Cooler Master Notepal U2 laptop cooling pad

Cooler Master Notepal U2 laptop cooling pad

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I recently bought Cooler Master Notepal U2 cooling pad from Snapdeal for Rs. 925, though now they have increased the price to Rs. 1599. (Thanks to HarshK for replying to my post on Deal Baba where I asked for the best deal for this cooling pad) smile

Coming to the product review; I have been using it for about two weeks now. The Notepal U2 cooling pad is made of aluminium mesh and has rubber padding at top corners and at the bottom to keep hold of laptop from sliding off.
It comes with a USB extender too, so when it uses your one USB port for power, it gives you another extended one to connect your USB devices.
The U2 in name signifies that this Notepal coller comes with two fans. The good thing about Notepal U2 is that the fans are detachable ones, and you can position them to cool off the hot-spots of your laptop.
I use Dell XPS 1530 notebook, and I positioned the two fans exactly to be below my notebook’s HDD and GPU.
Then by using CPUID Hardware Monitor I noted that after 15 minutes of usage without turning on the fans the CPU core temperature of both cores was 54 degrees and 57 degrees respectively. Then on connecting the USB port to power the fans, the temperatures dropped down to 43 degrees and 48 degrees.
Though the HDD temperature didn’t showed any significant drop in temperature.
Another good feature of the cooling pad is that you can slide your notebook in the groove of the cooling pad and carry it along in your backpack (you’ll have to remove the fans though from the mesh and carry them separately).

This cooling pad is highly recommended for gamers as well as they can position the fans for cooling the exact hot-spots on their laptops. Above that the fans are silent too, they just make a humming sound which can only be heard in a super quiet room.