EVIL SERVICE. Alert for customers of allschools...

EVIL SERVICE. Alert for customers of allschoolstuff.com

Deal Cadet
had a pathetic service from them. They shipped my item after a month. Ordered for a school bag and received a toy bag rather. The toy bag did not seem worth the money I spent. Asked them for reverse pickup but no action. Their phone rings and nobody picks up. After several dials a person picks the call, talks politely and takes the complaint. As a customer u ll be satisfied that your part is done and wait for their action. But u keep waiting, NO ACTION of your complaint. Loop starts again, dial their number 100 times, no body picks the call. If u r lucky a person will answer your call.

I have realized there is no customer care. Seems like a couple invested money in hiring some web developers to create the website. The couple themselves act as customer care. Because every time the same guy picks the call and the same lady answers the emails. Its only 2 of them. After a month of followup and no action series, filed an online complaint with Akosha team. Only after that, the next day allschool arranged for reverse pickup. It had been 2 months by that time.

Now comes the interesting part. They are not refunding the money no matter how many mails I wrote. Its been more than 3 months now. The order was placed in Apr 2013. Fed up now. Even if they sell products for 0.00 it wont attract me. Lesson learnt. What business ethics do they have by gobbling up customers money. Look like CHORS’ to me. HATE THEM really.