HiFi Mini Loudspeaker MP3 Player

HiFi Mini Loudspeaker MP3 Player

Deal Cadet

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Received this baby on COD. Weighs very light, and very handy. Length about 5 inch. It is not easy to use at first time, but you will get the hang of it soon. Best news, IT HAS FM smile Don’t know why they have not even mentioned it in the ad. For FM, you need to connect the LINE IN cord that they have given, this acts as FM antenna. The speaker is unbelievably loud. The controls are best understood by the following video:

How To Use 2GB Mini Bicycle Action Sound Speaker Set with MP3 FM Radio Function

Reducing the volume is not shown, and I found it by trial and error. You need to press the V button and after releasing it, immediately start pressing ||> or <|| buttons to increase or decrease the volume. If you don’t press them soon after pressing V, they go back to their original function, which is to move ahead or back.

Happy with the deal, the player feels solid in hand.