how to file a case in consumer court?

how to file a case in consumer court?

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i started this topic because i found a lot of dimers unhappy with their online purchases due to a variety of reasons ranging from their order not being shipped and money blocked to getting damaged products and not getting a refund. i know something called consumer court exists but i don’t have any idea on how to file a case. i guess its the same with most of the dimers out there. so could anyone please brief us about the procedure? smile

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Even I want to know, because I want file a case against groupshopee sad and also to my Idea cellular Service..
Somebody please explain what are the steps involved in it..

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after a bit of online research, this is what i found

this is the link to ICRPC which is an NGO that helps you handle your complaint

to get the detailed procedure, you can either mail them at “”/links?ddlid=59917&ddtid=35993&url=mailto:[email protected]" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank">[email protected]…om" or sms “procedure” to +918080423516
you will get the procedure immediately, no waiting
i will include the procedure as another post since it is a bit long

you have to include details like
page1: your name and contact details
page2: name and contact details of company against which you are going to file a complaint
page3 onwards: , what compensation you expect (eg: refund, replacement etc), whatever proof you have to defend your case (eg: bills, bank account statement showing transaction)

ICRPC basically does the legal part for you
if you directly go to consumer court there is a refundable fee of 300 per case, however this can be a bit of a headache
ICRPC charges rs. 300 for its services per year. so you can file any number of cases per year but only 1 against a company per year

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PROCEDURE (received via email)

Dear Consumer,

Thanks for contacting International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC).

International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) is a registered, non profit, non-political NGO, not supported financially from either Indian Government or elsewhere. We do not beg for donations. We depend on memberships to carry on this fearless social work. We have a team of dedicated professionals who work honorary for us. We have been covered by most of the TV channels and print media for our good work. Our activities have also been reported in the world’s most reputed FORBES (usa) magazine in their issue dated July 4, 2005 volume 8, number 12, page 24 and 25.


Ordinary one year membership is given to individuals only, not to any society, company, or union. But common joint complaint is accepted from group of individuals having the same issue. All these individuals need to be member of ICRPC and make a joint complaint.

The following procedure has to be followed strictly, else your complaint may be rejected and the non-refundable amount of Rs. 300 will not be refunded to you. You need to prepare your complaint in following manner:

Page one: (Your details) No cover letter required.

1) Name

2) Address

3) Cell Number

3) Residence telephone no

4) E-mail address (very important as without it you will not receive the copy of notice). 5) Complaint against (company name)

6) Payment details (cheque/transaction number, dated and bank)

Page two: (Opposite party details)

1) Name of Opposite party

2) Registered address of the Opposite Party

3) Telephone no.

4) Fax no.

5) E-mail of the chairman or company e-mail

(Leave space)

6) Name and address of the branch with which you dealt and received defective product and services.

Page three onwards:

1) Date-wise facts: Refer to the page numbers of the attached documents as evidence when mentioning the facts.

2) RELIEF: Mention what relief you are looking for against your complaint. Example: refund, replacement or rectification of defect, compensation, etc.

3) Documents (like bill, agreement, service report, your complaint to them, your notice to them, etc). Enclose only the xerox copies of supporting documents. Don’t send originals.

Attach with pin on the first page: One year ordinary membership non-refundable subscription of Rs. 300 by demand draft in favour of “ICRPC” payable at “Mumbai”. Local Mumbai account cheques & At Par cheques (only if AT PAR is written on the cheque) also accepted.

Write your name behind the cheque. Please pin the cheque with the first page. (Despite our strict instructions we find many people sending us stapled cheques and without their names behind the cheque. Later these careless people waste our time in locating their torn, lost, or unidentified cheques.)

Online payment: Payment through internet banking is also accepted. Please send a request e-mail for net banking details to [email protected]…om and you will receive the net banking details within 2 minutes.

Please staple or tie with thread all your papers in one bunch only. Complaint with loose, unstapled, untied or in separate bunches will be rejected.

Once your case papers are ready, you need to fill online complaint registration form to get your complaint identification number. This number is given instantly on filling the form, and you need to mention this number on the top left corner of your complaint first page and also top left corner of your envelope. After this you are ready to send your complaint to ICRPC.


Mention your complaint ID number on the top left corner of your complaint first page and also top left corner of your envelope. Send the stapled or tied complaint+documents+cheque through post / courier to:

Arun Saxena
B-9/55, Vijay Nagari
Ghodbunder Road
P.O. Kasarvadavali
Thane (West) 400601


1) After the receipt of your envelope, we will acknowledge the receipt of the same by e-mail. Please do not disturb us for next 60 days by asking about the status of your complaint or whether we have received it or not.

2) We will issue a legal notice within 60 days to the accused giving him a time limit of 7 to 15 days for settling your grievance. We will send you a copy of this notice to your e-mail address. If the complaint has been rejected due to not following the procedure, we will inform you within 60 days.

3) If you do not receive acknowledgement or copy of notice within 60 days, please send a reminder e-mail to us at [email protected]…om

4) If your grievance is not settled after sending notice, ICRPC will further help you with preparation of your case papers for filing in the consumer court. There will be nominal fee for preparation of case papers. Please inform us about your intention of filing a case in the consumer court. You will not require a lawyer as we give free guidance after making the case papers till the final orders of the court. The judge in any consumer court cannot force you to hire a lawyer.


1) We operate through the internet, e-mail, and cater to the consumers across the world. So, it does not matter where you are located.

2) Please do not visit us without appointment and disturb us. We will not meet you.

3) For members, one legal notice against one company is sent free. Repeat notice is not sent as we want first notice to be taken seriously. For another notice to another company, a processing fee of Rs. 300 is charged again.

4) Consumer courts take about 1 to 2 years (or even more at times) to settle the case. The consumer is expected to attend the court hearings at least 4 to 5 times in a year.

5) We shall do our best to settle your grievance.

ICRPC contact details:

Website: www.consumergrievan…om

E-mail addresses: [email protected]…om

SMS.: +91 8080423516 (No calls to this number)

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i guess you did that research for whatever feelings you have against letsbuy!! however majority of us dimers never had a problem with letsbuy (well that was a while ago). that might not be the case with 99labels and bigadda. i didnt personally do any shopping with these sites mainly because of the number of negative reviews that i have read. best in my opinion would be ebay bcos of their paisapay protection (no questions asked!!) smile

i have not heard of groupshopee until now. and i never liked idea except for their 3g ads (they always used to activate all their services for me!!). my advice to you would be to use only trusted sites like ebay, tradus, yebhi etc (there are lots of them, i was just giving a few example) for online shopping. i hope this might be of some use to you smile