Karbonn A15 Review- Mixed Bag

Karbonn A15 Review- Mixed Bag


Hi Friends,

I purchased A15 around 5 months back when it was available at 4.4k from HS18. After a lot of usage,i have mixed feelings about this mobile. While the display, ICS, internal storage and price are its positives, the laggy touchscreen, not so smooth operation and poor audio quality are its drawbacks. Lets get into details

Positives: The first thing everyone notices while seeing my mobile is how sharp and colorful the display is. Even my friend who owns S2 said Karbonn’s display is better. Its really good and vivid( Please dont compare to Note2) and is easy on the eyes while reading.

It is a no brainer that ICS at less than 5k is a great offer. Most phones still offer gingerbread at this price.

Also, phones in this price range have very less internal memory. So frequently you will have to use apps to transfer apps2sd. However, this phone comes with a generous 500+mb for apps and 2.5gb for internal storage. Again a great benefit when compared to phones in this price range. And finally, it comes with 3G!. I just saw deal offering it at 4.6k in hot deals. Even 2g models of Karbonn only are pricier than 4.6k ( Karbonn a2,a6) etc.

Negatives: The touch is frankly disapponting for gaming. Please note that for normal day to day uses, touch is perfectly fine with a few misses. However, when it comes to gaming, this phone is a strict no no. First,i though that the misses might be due to the screengaurd. I removed it and found the response to be better. But soon, the reality again settled in that it misses touch on few occasions and also,on rare occasions misinterprets the touch response( i.e. sliding instead of turning left in temple run).

Also, since this set comes with 512 MB Ram and has ICS installed, it is not as smooth as a phone running 512 mb ram with GB. While my Karbonn A5 with GB is very smooth handling apps and games, this phone shows its limitations due to ram and processor hungry ICS. Temple run OZ lags quite a bit especially while starting and sometimes during the game. Therefore, i have to reiterate that if you are planning to use this phone for intensive apps like gaming, better dont buy.

Now coming to the worst part. The audio quality. This is frankly the worst audio quality i have heard in a mobile. The music is just dull without any sparkle in it and the bass is muddy. I tried everything from installing poweramp to xplay, but it doesnt get any better with any amount of tweaking.

I conclude by saying that if you are not too much into gaming and dont mind the music quality, and just want a basic android handset with good screen and 3G capabilities , this is a no brainer. For everything else, look somewhere else.

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Adding on the sound -— suppose a song is playing and a call comes in and you want to hear both audio but the audio ringtone doesn’t play properly. I have call announcer installed and more than half the time it does not work properly. There is no such problem on my galaxy y.

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me too bought from hs18.phone freezed while booting up.2 times repaired now it’s been send to delhi since it was UN repairable in Mumbai service center.