Lenovo IdeaPhone S720 is just an advance copy o...

Lenovo IdeaPhone S720 is just an advance copy of cheap Chinese phone


I ordered this phone on the basis of reviews. This model LenovoS720 has various drawbacks.
Although the phone is good in style but lacks in working and performance.

1. The display of this model is very bad. i.e. the color depth is very low even you can not distinguish between different shades of same color. Red appears as dark orange. Yellow appears as lemon yellow.
2. The touch of this phone is like resistive touch. Very bad experience about the touch quality.
3. The phone hangs when you download apps even when you run FB and watsapp like apps. The customer care of Flipcart suggests that you must use these application on browser only. WTF
4. Camera Issue – There is a permanent spot in the pictures of the primary camera like a white bulb. The colors are ok but the megapixels are compromised as been said in the specifications.
5. The Charger – The phone heats up when it is charged with the given charger but it does not get hot from backside when I use Samsung or any other charger.
6. The default theme of this phone is real crap. It is looking like a cheap local Chinese mobile.

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This is flipkart review I guess….. wink wink