Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 USB Keyboard and...

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 USB Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Deal Newbie

hi,..i am a tall guy and the height comes with big fingers as well smile …i haven’t brought by fk bt yes its a very good product in terms of connectivity and abt durability so don’t worry 2 yrs warranty is der…i love the design of it as well….but when it comes to operate or use it ..oh god its annoying sometimes bcz it has smooth keys -most of the times i stay in dark not always guys…its so hard for me to type rapidly bcz its so smooth n i hit a wrong key oftentimes..less space between arrows so sometimes hard to play games and switch randomly…so if u r with big and long fingers think bf4 buying….and others with small hands …well its just amazing for u …yes i need a long time to get habitual with it -((i guess it applies 4 everyone as well) and abt mouse -no complain at all ..and yes its a buy!