is one of the best online shopping s... is one of the best online shopping sites in India

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I’m extremely pleased with shopping on They give 2 promo coupons on signup-Rs 500 off on Rs 1250. They dont even mind if you create multiple accounts. Once you refer a friend and he signs up, again you get 2 similiar coupons. So does your friend.

Variety and Quality of Products
2 weeks ago, when I first ordered from them, they had a fabulous collection of shirts. It was difficult to choose which ones I wanted for my coupons. smile

Shipping Time
Packing is decent, in a plastic bag, they ship within a few hours of order placement.

Returns and Refund
Never had to return or refund. But they have a no questions asked policy of replacing items in 30 days. They insert a bag along with every shipment, for packing the reverse picked item, in every order. They will schedule reverse pickup with their courier.

In fact, I’ve never had to call Customer support or return an item, as everything was excellent.