Deal Newbie

I have purchased this water purifier from on trust with them. but strangely the sent me the item with out any operating or installation booklet and any warranty/guarantee card, not even the company address or phone no.

They claim that the product have six months warranty but they did not send the company customer support no or email. hence this warranty no use nothing but cheating.

Their descripition says it has UF module but it did not have it.

3 .The description sys that this has filter change and uv fail safe alarm system and microcomputer control, l but nothing like that installed no protection circuit installed excet the tube chock and booster pump power supply( same is used to solinoid)

No installation support .- mailed several complaints to send the company customer support details but the replies promptly with out required details asking to contact the company. Nither snapdeal nor noutica gave the contact details.

Noutica has one fake website dos have the phone no 99999999? this james bond no: never works and fake no.

So please think ones the company dos not ready to disclose their adress and contact no, do really healp the customer after sales? these wants only money, for that they can hand in hand with fake and cheating companies. please avoid to touch such websites. it nothing but purchasing lottery ticket not pressure purchasing the gadget.

I request all Noutica representatives who filled this page with good fake reviews! can any one of you take care of my equipment repair problems in under warranty problems which is expiring soon?

Noutica{ – you better know so many complaints lodge with you, instead of solving my problem which is simple and essay to you to change my review!

instead of that if you fill all fake reviews to improve rating. people are not fools to believe fake red mark reviews

get in to right way: – Send technician to repair filter under Warranty and prove your humanity! if not I will think I brought from inhuman.ect.