Pepperfry Experience (Along with Chat Transcript)

Pepperfry Experience (Along with Chat Transcript)

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Dear Friends,

Following is the transcript of my conversation with Pepperfry after being delivered an incomplete product.

Welcome to Pepperfry ! Please wait for your chat to get connected. Please do not click on the “x” button at the end of the chat. Click on “End Chat & Leave Feedback” and fill the survey up! Help us do better smile
You are now chatting with ‘Shekhar’
Shekhar: Hello, Welcome to Pepperfry
Satdeep: Hello, Shekhar. My name is Marwaha. I am in Gurgaon.
Satdeep: This is regarding the order number 100528112. It was delivered byt gati today.
Satdeep: Shall I continue?
Shekhar: ok.
Satdeep: When I opened the package containing the chair, I discovered that the screw for attaching the armrests to the chair were missing.
Satdeep: Everything else was in the package.
Satdeep: Except for the screws used in connecting the armrest to the chair – six screws in all.
Shekhar: Please wait while I check this order information
Shekhar: I am working on your query. Please allow me some more time
Satdeep: Okay.
Shekhar: Can you get the screws from the market we will initiate a refund for that if you can mail us the copy of the receipt?
Satdeep: Shekhar, I can get the screws from the market. But does that not defeat the whole point of online shopping?
Satdeep: Not to mention that I feel I have been inconvenienced.
Shekhar: If you give us the receipt we will initiate a refund for you.I understand, we try our best to be as cautious as possible with our shipments but exceptions do arise .I am really sorry for the inconvenience.
Shekhar: I have escalated this issue on priority. Request you to please allow our Support team 48 hours time and we will get back to you with an update. Sorry again for the inconvenience caused
Satdeep: Also, you must realise when I go to the market I also spend on fuel and iut costs me time.
Satdeep: Okay. Can I have some reference number for this escalated issue?
Shekhar: This is the reference number 00283096
Satdeep: Thank you.
Satdeep: When can I expect a resolution to this?
Shekhar: You will get an update from the relevant team in 48 hours.
Satdeep: Also, I feel that since we as buyers place our faith and trust in you, you MUST make sure that your channel partners provide products as described to their clients.
Shekhar: We will take this as a feedback.
Satdeep: Good on you, Shekhar. I feel pepperfry has been sliding down the scales recently, as is evident from numerous experiences posted by users online. Though I have never had issues with your service till today, as of now I would think twice if not thrice before ordering from you again. Maybe it is time to pull up your socks and improve the buying experience of your clients.
Satdeep: Thank you.
Satdeep: Thank you.
Shekhar: Request you to kindly not click on the “x” button at the end of the chat. Click on “End Chat & Leave Feedback” and fill the survey up, help us do better smile
Shekhar: I regret the inconvenience caused to you.
Shekhar: I am here to earn your loyalty and not your displeasure.
Shekhar: We will try our best to improve.
Satdeep: Appreciate your attitude, Shekhar. Thank you.
Satdeep: I would prefer to leave my ffeedback after this issue is sorted, if you do not mind.
Shekhar: You are most welcome
Satdeep: Good evening for bow smile
Satdeep: now*

I will keep this thread alive and share the resolution meted out as promised to me.

Warm Regards,


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Post on too.. There their customer care will contact you..
They had contacted me.. but still my Refund of approx 400 Rs is yet not given..
I don’t know why people are allowed to post deals of such sites.. where users are cheated..
They are cheater.. and Lots of people have experienced..
Their Very Common cheating technique is.. Sorry Sir this product is not in stock, we will give you coupon of double amount.. And you will have to spend something Extra to use that coupon..


And now they have stopped giving you extra pepperfry points ….

you will only get whatever you paid with shipping charges…

Even without informing you they will provide pepperfry points and that also expire in just 15 days …..

So in any situation we have to struggle……

They are getting smarter day by day ……

Better to avoid them now as discounts are very less as well….

All 1 foreign 0 ap 2492674f

better nt to expect pepperpoints ask for refund & reverse pickup…
& that screw thing yes their CC unlike other CC will suggest many kam chalao if unke pockets se ja rha haii..
last time i askd CC to transfer call to senoir management as i wnt to talk to some1 whho can take instant action & to my surprise CC himself took decision within 5 mins…

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Deal Subedar

Further update:

After three phone calls, last of which involved me giving pepperfry a piece of my mind, I was delivered sets of screws by Neelkamal. It seems that pepperfry can be customer centric when they need to be.

However, I must mention that during each call (pepperfry called me 4 times) I was asked to purchase screws from the market – Shoddy, unprofessional, unethical and STUPID. Stupid because some person in the decision making chain decided to use his puny brains and thought – Are, screws hi toh hain, market se kyon nahin le lete? I am also sure this moron can also not spell the words commitment, promise, delivery and ethics.

All in all, I would be very careful about ordering from pepperfry again.