Review of Blackberry Q5

Review of Blackberry Q5


I have been a blackberry fan since the days when everyone was a blackberry fan. I have used three BB phones BB 8520, BB Bold 3 and now I am using Blackberry Q5. One of the best phone in the Blackberry product list is Blackberry q5.
The problem with blackberry before introducing OS 10 was that all the phones used to hang alot. The same has been resolved with BB OS 10 and q5 with the given specs works wonder. The qwerty keypad is the best thing Blackberry has offered and one of the key reasons I love Blackberry so much.

With the OS 10, now even android apps work on BB OS 10 enabled BB phones. All the apps which are available on Amazon app world are working with BB OS 10. The hectic of the BBM recharge is also gone with this upgrade.

I love Q5, the model is sleek, light and is very fast. I recommend all the BB fans to give it a shot.