Review of LG Optimus G Pro E988

Review of LG Optimus G Pro E988

Score: 3 Votes: 3
Score: 3 Votes: 3
Score: 3 Votes: 3
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Hello Desidimers,
Today I am posting the review about LG optimus G pro. Hopefully you will like the review._biggrin.gif" alt=“biggrin” border=“0”/>

I got this phone a week earlier through Flipkart, through a deal posted on the website. Is looking for the nexus 4 or Galaxy note 2. But when I see the deal for this phone in Rs. 27,000. I couldn’t resist myself buying it. I think that was the best decision ever in mobile phones have made. Talking without’s delay let me go compare this phone to my earlier phone and my thoughts over buying nexus 4 or note 2.toungueout

1 looks : First of of the phone Outer surface is a little bit plasticky.But the front to the Justice with the price 42k. There is a very thin bezel around the phone screen on the right and left side of the phone. Bottom bezel is also very thin, hereafter putting the phone case you can’t even press the button so easily you have to drag the finger inside the case to press the button. On the top there’s great speaker two megapixel camera and few other sensors. On the back and LED light which works great for my use even in the very dark rooms. Also accompanying speaker which have a lot of sound compared with Samsung phones either S4 or note 2. In on the top there is a Hall of Speaker 3.5 MM had phone and invoice cancellation Mike accompanying with a dedicated remote sensor known as IR blaster.
At the bottom there is a mice and a usb charging point.
So I will rate 7.5/10 for this department.wink

2. Now the screen: it are companies are full HD IPS screen which is the best I’ve ever seen on any phone. Colour accuracy is amazing. Also it doesn’t burden up your eyes were watching screen for longtime as it is Full HD.
Your mess those amoled screen deep darks if you’re habitual of those. But for me I love the colourful enjoyment of the screen. Best part of the phone that it comes with colourful themes. I hate all blackness of Samsung amoled screens.
So for this department I’ll rate 9.5/10. 0.5 less due to nothing can be fully perfect.eek

3. Speakers: there is no sterio speaker as HTC one but don’t get fooled by the this single speaker phone. You’re not going to miss any calls. It’s the loudest single speaker I have heard in my life on any phone. Sound quality maybe not at par with other phones. But comparing it with the S4 and note 2, it will sound better than both.
On this sound department a logo with 7/10. Actually I like sterio speakers from the Times of Nokia 5800.confused

4. Now the processor and power of the device: this piece of science got the snapdragon 600 processor under the hood with speed of 1.7 GHz 2 GB of RAM. The only processor beats this is snapdragon 800 over the controversial exyonis Samsung processor. I love the snapdragon processors as their energy friendly and have better software support, the same cannot be said about Samsung processors.
I will rate it at 8/10 being not the latest out of the packet. But I cannot blame it for that only z Ultra have that power currently. biggrin

5. Arrival at the software: This is the one area where I like this phone the most. You will not require any custom ROM as it gives you plain simple android with LG launcher which we can change of course. But one wouldn’t require so as it has all the possibilities at least I need.
There are a few good hidden tricks: we could access remote by pressing menu button on the lock screen. Also we can pinch zoom into the music player list. Remote application works best in my appliances.
Also it is possible to change themes in the mobile which was never possible into the touch wiz from Samsung.
Speed is what this form redefine in the form of performance. I installed almost 50 apps. But I don’t feel any slowdown in the mobile.
Here I would rate 8/10.biggrin

6. Usability of the mobile: for me I mostly use few apps to check my social world and surfing on the Internet. His screen is good so no problem in that.

  • While travelling GPS is almost a necessity in this world. Which works best. I got a lock on under 15 seconds everytime I try to locate satellites.
  • This one has good sound output via headphones. Sound output and loudness is pretty much normal.
    There is a great thing in this mobile. Battery charges very fast under two hours.

*Not everything is good in any mobile, so there are a few setbacks of the phone.twisted *

  • evil evil Without any doubt LG support for the software upgrade is totally useless. Do not believe what LG say they will never upgrade the software of any mobile. They just release the mobile phone with any software and keep it that way until the phone dies. So the biggest setback of the mobile is itself the logo LG.evil evil *

1. There is no FM receiver into the mobile. Which would be a good thing. As while travelling in Delhi, it is supposed to be a very great need. We cannot consume lots of data from the network.

2. Also the sound output is not part as into the S4 or note 2. That only be the problem if use lots of headphone for music.
Sound output does not justice with the price of This mobile phone through headphones.

3.I do feel that this mobile would have been another success story if LG would have released this phone with 32 GB of memory as it has done with the West Countries.

There is very low developer support for this mobile phone. So the people who wants to upgrade to the latest android software, my advice would be to wait until CM support this mobile officially. Even in the Department of accessories this mobile has a problem. There are not many options in the form of accessories for LG mobiles. Myself I’m yet to find a phone flipcover. Also the official LG website will not let you buy any accessories in India. *This itself feels like a death of a good machinesad *.

That was the conclusion of the review and I would rate and overall *7/10cool *.

If you have any question or queries about this mobile please feel free to do so or give me a private message I will respond as soon as possiblewink .

Thank you

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Lots of errors in words as Written with help of voice recognition Software . biggrin.

Thanks for bearing with errors.

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I guess you have used ** speaking software?

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good share !

there are very few people who wanna invest such big bucks for LG brand and we hardly get reviews from em.

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