Reviewing Samsung J2

Reviewing Samsung J2

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Recently I tripped upon a new Samsung Phone while surfing internet and liked it the moment I saw it. It was Samsung J2. I went on to check the price and it was just 8 grands. I was sure that the features must be very basic at this rate by Samsung but when I checked the specs I was surprised to see that they have good specs at this rate. Then I saw the advertisement which talks about the brighter screen. I liked it there. I decided that I had to check this phone out.

I asked one of my friends who owns a mobile shop about it and he gave a positive review (Not because he is a mobile dealer, but as a friend he gives me honest reviews and let me knows about faults and complaints as well). I got a phone delivered. I just loved it in my hands. I gave it to my brother to use it for a week. A week later, my brother would not stop talking about it and showing off the brighter screen, speed and the sleek look of the phone.

Impressed with it, I ordered two more J2 and gifted them to my family members. They are loving it too. One month now and no complaints yet !!

Good phone for a good rate !!

PS: I am a big time Blackberry loyalist so liking an Android phone was quite a shocking thing for myself. I am waiting for Blackberry Priv smile biggrin cool cool

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