Reviews of the online marketplace customer cares

Reviews of the online marketplace customer cares

Score: 6 Votes: 6
Score: 6 Votes: 6
Score: 6 Votes: 6
Score: 6 Votes: 6
Score: 6 Votes: 6
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(all the reviews are based on the personal experience of the author while interacting with the customer cares of different online marketplaces)

Be polite they will listen you.
They will promise you everything and ll follow up the issue personally.
Do not fall in this trap,
Prefer chat as you can keep a record of the discussion, which will definitely help you in the future.
If you get stuck somewhere ask for manager callback or chat.

Return and refund procedure is flawless.
Just initiate the return from your account and it will be done immediately.
Add your bank account details where your money will be deposited automatically.
The complete procedure takes 3 to 10 days.
If the courier delays or reverse pick up is delayed, just contact the CC and request they may issue the refund as it happened with me many times.
PRICE ERRORS will definitely be fulfilled if the product is fulfilled by amazon

In case if you bought an item and refused to accept the delivery but later on you have changed your mind to buy the product again. Unfortunately the product price is increased. Just contact the CC and talk to a manager request them if you can get the product at the same price. In most of the cases you wont be disappointed. They may come up with an offer that but the same item at increased price and after the delivery of the product they will issue store credit/ refund back the difference amount to your account.

In one word I can say YOUR MONEY IS 100% SAFE HERE.

They don’t have the replacement facility in case if you need the same product again. But now they started some replacement skim for some specific items but you have to pay the difference amount.

Be polite at the beginning but they are the cleaver CC I have ever faced. Be rude enough if it needs.
Write mail directly to Sachin Bansal if it needs.

They have faster delivery in wider part of India
PRICE ERRORS may be fulfilled but definitely you will get some gift voucher.

Worst ever return refund service.
First of all they dont have the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for most of the products.
They only provides replacement service.
If they are providing after sales service for some product please keep a copy of the same. i.e screenshot of the product page otherwise they may deny.
live example: They are supposed to provide warranty or replacement for the Mi power banks but now they are denying it.
Refund time:
If you are lucky enough 7-10 days otherwise GOD knows.
The may escalate the issue again and again.
One more important point: you may get the refund as a wallet balance. Again transferring from the wallet to bank account may take several days.
Refund will be given to wallet after the product reaches the warehouse and successfully verified. It may take several days.
If the product is cancelled by them and never reaches to you then also you will get the refund after it reaches the warehouse and successfully gets verified. This is the toughest period.
You may get an old item during the replacement, please do verify carefully. I got old used product three times and finally serviced it from the service center.

They are polite enough but they are not going to do much for you if you are stuck enough.
Directly send a mail to the owner. It works like a magic.
PRICE ERRORS will never be fulfilled if you are a normal person. You you are lucky enough you may get it or if you can fight endlessly with them you may get some SD cash.

They behaves nicely and yes they tries to solve the issues carefully. Shopclues CC is far better than the sellers.
In fact the CC and the owners both are quite annoyed by the sellers.
If you can convince them they can punish the seller in a very strong manner.
sometimes they fulfills PRICE ERRORS and sometimes they dont.
You will never regret if you buy products within Rs. 100

They are well famous for selling fake products and cheating with the customers.

its the present best deal discussions website
UI is simple and best compared to others
yes its an user driven community
environment is quite good
its the only site which provides you cashback too..
if you get stuck to any problem post your request in the Site Questions section, generally it gets solved.

if you are a newbie your post may get ignored
its not a sole fault of the admin team (as I said its an user driven community) but most of the users(dimmers) ignores newbies
some repost may become a FPD
YES it is some bogus posts of some senior members gets promoted very easily. Dont be surprised if some mods or admins are also backing this fact.
YES grouping/politics is there

Send mail to admin/mod team you are lucky enough you may get a reply after some days
bumble bro will definitely reply but after 2-3 days
but don’t expect a reply from the admin, your query may be solved though. As FK or SD owners will not reply your mail but your problem gets solved.
In some cases your thread may get closed without solving it too..


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