stylechore elooting pvt ltd

stylechore elooting pvt ltd

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You are now chatting with Aanya
Aanya: Welcome to, how may I help You today?
You: fahos changes it policy like undergarments
You: earlier facility of using voucher was available along with reward points
You: now one can use any one of these
You: since i have 4880 reard points, so i wont be ale to use them
You: may god curse your whole family
You: i will post this cheating on social networking sites
You: ho to insert reward points in the ass of fashos
Aanya: Sir, this is the professional chat.
You: cheaters damn frauds, stop ur busineess and star road side looting
You: no taxes to bluffs no critiscm
You: so cheating is ur profession
Aanya: Request you to please use the professional language.
You: u want professional chat on the grounds of frauds
You: great curse on u people
You: y god drop a ton of bulldozer on u pople
Aanya: Well had calls arranged as requested and we had a discussion, and you had agreed with terms and condition on which the return was done
You: great i am posting this chat to social networking
You: great cheaters do hell with ur business
You: u had credited Rs 150 as reward points, how to use them
You: i pray to god that same thing should happen with all of ur family members
You: en u will feel the pain
Aanya: Please follow the following steps to redeem your points against a purchase:
Aanya: 1. Please go ahead with your order by selecting the given product and size, then ‘Add to Cart’
2.Please click on ‘ Proceed to pay ’ on the display cart page.

3. After entering your billing/shipping details, Please click on “CONTINUE”.

4.On next step, you would see a reward wallet, where you may enter the number of points you want to redeem on the purchase on the balance showing up in your account.

Aanya: 5.. When you ‘Apply’, it will reflect in the ‘Order Summary & Logistics’ section You: how to use reward points along with gift voucher Aanya: You may either use the reward points or gift voucher. Aanya: This is not quite possible as mentioned with terms mentioned on the website You: i made a single deal in which i was able to use both the options, the deal was cancelled by me so the cancellation should have been done in the same manner You: why dont u credit Rs.150 to the gift voucher You: stylechore elooting pvt ltd Aanya: I think you had quite agreed to 150 reward points when you had returned the footwear You: see u people in consumer forum You: so how to use both of these voucher & reward point You: i can use one at a time then what’s the use of these reward points You: stylechore elooting pvt ltd Aanya: As suggested not possible as mentioned in the terms and conditions You: that’s why i had rename u as stylechore elooting pvt ltd
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SumitJi – Every company has policies and procedure and as a customer we should respect it! As a dimer putting this on a social network will not be of any help to either you or the company. I had faced similar issues with alot of .coms but mutual understanding and discussion will always lead to conclusions. So as a dimer and online buyer i would suggest get in touch with their CS team and try to sort this out – Might be of help to you smile

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bhai…ladki ke saath aise language use kar rhe ho….ghanta solve karegi woh teri problem!