Want to share the product review for pigeon mix...

Want to share the product review for pigeon mixer and nonsticks

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Deal Hunter

I bought the pigeon cookware set from local store adishwar(hyd) for Rs.2500 1 and half yr ago. That set contains
1. Pigeon LITTLE WONDER Mixer Grinder
2. 3 Ltr pressure cooker
3. Pigeon Iron box
4. 4 Serving spoons
5. Pigeon non-stick tawa
They have given the warranty 1 Yrs for mixer grinder(for outer body 6 Months) and 6 months for remaining.

For Mixer:
It is 550 W. After 6 months, I observed some cracks on body. I went to shop and asked them for replacement they said only 6 months warranty for body.
Now I am afraid when will it blastroll , because cracks became biggereek .
And we need to fill the jar 3/4th only, if you fill more than that you will get different colors on you dresstoungueout
It will be keep on trip if you want to prepare wet flour.

For Pressure cooker:
After exact one year, cooker started non-sense. When I checked with local repair shop he said gasket problem. Bought new gasket, worked for 2 months properly and started the non-sense again.

For Iron box:
This is a super product, started problems after exact 6 months, and one fineday fuge gone. I went to shop again, same reply only 6 months warranty. I left my Iron box their in shop and I came back.

For non-stick tawa:
It worked nice for 1 yr. Now also working fine but I am able to see some white stars(removed nonstick capacity in some places).

Only one product is working fine and useful in this package is serving spoons.

So, dimers be aware before buying pigeon products.

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Deal Subedar

You get what you pay. Pigeon is a useless brand which is as good or somewhat worse than a local brands. It is quite popular on dd because of low price combined with discount.