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Few days back purchased 3 Tshits under combo section of Yebhi sit. I made the payment and finally after 3 days I got the Tshit – Fashion Street company. After I opened and tried the tshirt I came to know that 2 Tshits are already damaged in the edge and small holes were there. Immediatly called Yebhi customer care but inspite of trying many times couldnot get through with the call.Then I sent mail with the complete details about the damaged tshirt along with photo’s of the damaged Tshirt. But no reply from Yebhi team…really a bad custermer service as well as very bad after sales team…No one was there to address the issue and resolve it…

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Normally yebhi service is very good. Out of my 20+ orders , only 1 came with bad quality ( combo of 3 clutches ).
I complained and they got the shipment collected back and refunded my amount.

I suggest you call them. Might have to hold the line a little ( I had to hold from 1-5 minutes among all my phone calls ). Normally its like 2-3 minutes maximum.
Once you will be able to talk with them , I am sure your matter will be resolved.

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i bought 2 flipper slippers from yebhi on 2th dec. worth of 99rs. each ( total 198 – 100rs. coupon = 98rs. )

Product and Service Pricing : flipper slippers which i got r not even worth of 20rs. which we get from road side , within 15 days , half of it’s printed design will be gone & then it will look terrible….

@abt size : size is always problem for yebhi…. i don’t understand which indian standards they r calculating … i order for no.5 slipper for my mom & they send slippers with 5no. written on it but it completely fits in my leg which has no.7 !!!!!! now i hve to either throw those slippers or hve to go to some1 who can cut & make it no. 5 !!!!!!

Shipping and Packaging : it’s good with blue dart

Returns and Replacement Policy : they hve written on their site that no que. ask return & full refund…. but read t&C …. if u use coupon while buying ( most of use do it ) , u will get this amount as yebhi credit , so actually u r not getting those money in ur bank account & u hve to buy their cheap products again to redem those credit….

Chance of Future Purchase : nooooooo way…. will pay 50% extra to other site or will buy from local store but not yebhi , that’s sure…..

Customer Service : pathetic or even less than that…. they don’t hve toll free no. !!!! actually while paying those 98rs. , twice amount deducted from my bank account but transection gets fail…. from 2nd-10th they even didn’t bother to either reply to my mail or refund….. on 11th i warn them in strict words with my bank account statement , they reply after 2 days saying there r looking in matter & will reply soon…. till 16th no reply , i mail them again , they reply on 18th saying that they hve initiated refund !!!!!! ( while most of sites – FB , SULEKHA refund money within 2 days for failed transection even without our complain !!! )

Website’s Ease of Use : yebhi is always slow , can’t understand y…. more overly products which r sold out , they don’t write it as sold out…. if we see any other colour than white on cart page , we hve to understand ourself that product is out of stock , what a shit !!!!!!!!