Rediff Reviews

Rediff Reviews

Rediff will help consumers discover new services and experiences in their city, such as restaurants, spas, hotels, healthcare, tattoos, hobby classes, adventure sports and other local attractions, On April 26th 2011, Rediff launched new service, group deals, named Rediff Deal Ho Jaye! Rediff Shopping is an online shopping platform, a venue enabling the users to buy any product listed on Rediff Shopping which is featured in following categories Camera Accessories, Car Electronics, Computer Components, English Movies, Equipments, Furnishings, Hardware & Tools, Kitchen Appliances, Laptop Accessories, Laptops, Learning Toys, Men’s Accessories, Mobile Accessories, Multimedia, Music, Musical Instruments, Optics, Others, Soft Toys, Software, Stationery, TV & Video, Women’s Accessories.

  • by sugata83198 on 18 May 2015

    Friends, never buy anything from Rediff.would like to share my experience. Like others Rediff also put a Reebok sun glass on 50% discounted rate and I bought it (Order id – 11526040).

    The product I received was a fake and duplicate one which you can see the balloonwalas selling!

    And believe me or not, for the last 10days I am requesting them to take it back and give me my money !! nobody turned up.

    Flipkart and Snapdeal are better atleast in this aspect.

    So, if you are reading this piece, please be cautious and make your friends / relatives aware that Rediff is the worst place to buy products online.

  • by srj2291 on 09 April 2015

    I had some common bad shopping experiences. But Shopping at Rediff “RUINED MY TIME SO BAD”.

    I have ordered a foldable wardrobe (Order number: 11359061). I ordered on March 25th, as they promised 4-6 business days for delivery. I wanted to gift this to a friend before she leaves abroad. I called them so many times after said time. They are clueless about the status of the product. The Rediff guys say the prouct has been handed over to Gati Courier on APril 2nd (after promised date they handed over the product) and gave me a reference number (588413716). When I called Gati, they kept on telling me the package is in transit for 7 days and today (April 9th) they told me that they dont know the status of the product and have to raise a complaint. Rediff told me that if I need refund, it will take another 5-6 business days (so i can count another new moon). My friend was really upset that “I made very wrong choice of shopping service”.

    Guys do not shop on this website thinking they are giving offers. They just want MONEY.. All they want is pulling the customer to buy stuff on their website. After that its their wish whether or not to send it. they just hold money and live on interest. The customer care just read lines like “apologise for inconvenience” stuff. They dont have any bit in them at all. DON’T BUY at Rediff and Ruin your hope of online shopping experience.

  • by nadeemsha on 01 January 2015

    I had bought sweat shirt from these gusy… Belive me they sent the product which is worst than you get @ footpath… I went to their site and raised a complaint Ticket#103959778212.
    They did not contact me.. After sending lot of emails finally they said that you have got what you had ordered… They said we have 7 day return guarantee. but WHen i asked for refund they denied it… If you still want to buy go on but forget about quality and refund which they claim. Very very disappointed by the first purchase i made

  • by mecheleen on 05 December 2014

    I ordered a Magic Easy Spin Mob I received it and it was defective I Paid for the courier and returned it for a replacement and was told that I would be refunded for the courier chargers.. I was asked for my bank information, sent everything and today I have been told that I have been sent a check instead of a credit to my account for the courier charges. My replacement never shipped so I asked for a refund, there are abt 17 emails back and fourth and no one in customer service seems to have access to any of the information every time I call there is a new person answering the call having no Idea of what is going on nor do they see any emails sent to them. Everytime I ask for a supervisor I am refused and even if they do agree to transfer the call they would just keep you on hold and disconnect the call. I have been told that it takes 15 working days for a check to reach me when the item itself takes only abt 5-7 days. ONCE I DO GET MY MONEY BACK I AM NEVER DEALING WITH THEM AGAINPLEASE BEWARE!! AND DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

  • by prabhat.78in... on 06 November 2014

    I purchased car vaccuum cleaner with offer of buy one free but I received only one and when I contacted rediff they promised they will send one more by phone and mail and after one month they said we are sorry as unable to send material we will refund the money pls send your account details but till now no response, almost one month back I sent bank details.

    Order No: 10046609

    [Ticket#102647215725]All product/ items not received as ordered

    I request everyone not to buy on rediff shopping as there service is worst and making us fool.


  • by myfavorite on 11 May 2014


    Order #9539388 dt:20-apr

    I want to tell you the wost ever online in my life is with rediff shipping

    I have ordered a DLINK Wireless N300 Cloud Router DIR-605L on 20-Apr, and still the same not dispatched and I have called them more than 50 times and written several e-mails to them, only reply I get is pls wait for 24-48 hrs this is real nonsense and stupid…

    I spoke to several customer service exe. than to sr.executive Kajol no use… then to Team leader Kamine no use.. still product not dispatched

    Company who i not able to deliver a simple wifi router should be ashamed..

    very poor customer service, support, response every time we call the customer srevice we have to wait in line for 20-30 min…

    waste of time for customer and money for rediff..

    I can tell you the worst worst ever shipping experience I ever had in my life…

    with frustrations,
    surprisedops: Balaji

  • by rajaraman123 on 16 April 2014

    Please don’t buy anything from rediff shopping. Once you paid money and you will not get money and worth product.

    I order one product( SUNBABY Activity Musical Walker) INR 2118. Order no is 9442878.Still I didn’t received my product. If I check about status. its like " Handed Over To Courier 11-APR-2014 ". 2 weeks over but they didnt reply.

    If asked about status, Customer care support they just cut my calls.Even I didn’t receive any reply for my mails. I sent many mails.

    product vendor name is Pearl Technologies( Hotdealsfrompearl).

    my complain no. is 108960649877. / Rediff shopping is a online cheating / fraud company . Now only I realize that. / rediff shopping – Indian fraud / cheating company

    Please never buy anything from rediff shopping.

    How can I get back my money? is it possible? How can I contact consumer court.

    anybody help me please.

  • by munna3210298 on 02 October 2013

    My advice to all who are looking to shop from rediff shop- DO NOTEVER..BUY ANYTHING FROM REDIFF SHOP!!!!!! The fooled me 3 times!! 1st time I bought an HTC mobile…and you know what?! They sent me a SECOND HAND!!!!!! I thought they did it my mistake~ Next time I bought a watch! And they sent me 4 pieces…all of them BROKEN!!!! If you are looking for online shopping sites here’s a list of them whom you can trust- i) (ii)Amazon …..and for sports shop.. sportsjam or playmore~ Hope it helps!! smile

  • by priyankarawa... on 27 September 2013

    The customer service is among the worst I have experienced in online shopping. Firstly they delivered a product which is below expectable standards of quality. The item was no where close to its description in quality and durability. I bought a shoe rack, it broke even before I could assemble it.

    Then they have the silliest policy of reporting complains within 48 hours. This itself shows how unconfident they are about the products they sell, when rest of the world provides 15 days to 1 month return. Frankly I missed that deadline on reporting my issues. Not because I was unaware of this policy but because they delivered my purchased product a fortnight after ordering, where as their site mentions delivery time as 5 to max 7 days. I was on a planned tour and could not receive the items myself. HAd they have delivered on time, I would have contacted them with in 48Hours.

    Well, I tried contacting the customer care on their given number a couple of times but there is no option which connects you to the support person, it keeps you waiting in the loop of pre recorded messages. Which is both, annoying and un productive.

    Finally I wrote them an email , raising my concerns and I receive a shitty reply from some Miss Chandani from customer care stating that as per policy, it can not be returned, replaced or refunded as the concerns were raised after 48 hours. . Now, their policy does not apply on shipping date, they have no protocol towards customer satisfaction and the products they showcase as discounted are actually not even worth half their discounted price.

    On writing back to Chandini on my concerns, I receive the same reply which was sent to me before , as if I have written to some dumb was an extension of pre recorded messages which you hear on their customer support number. I guess this Chandini is also some auto generated name!

    My issues are still unresolved with Rediff shopping and I choose to forget about the money spent but I strongly urge everyone reading this to not shop from Rediff. The prices might lure you to buy, but the products are not good enough. There are so many online stores available these days, which guarantee customer support, it is better to pay a little extra than collecting junk at low price.

  • by hasach172 on 15 September 2013

    These guys are not there to sell…
    Maybe they want to earn interest on your money!
    They dont ship items for days…
    They dont respond to emails
    Just dont buy from them!