Jio Glass in India: Launch Date, Price, Features, and more

Jio Glass in India: Launch Date, Price, Features, and more


In the recent Reliance Industries AGM, Mukesh Ambani announced some new technologies that are going to shape their telecom, Jio. Jio shared their future technological advancements which included JioTV Plus, Jio Mart, Jio Meet, Jio 5G, and Jio Glass. What caught the attention of the masses was Jio Glass in India, a holographic visual mixed reality (MR) device. You might have heard about Google Glass, a similar device from Google. Since Google Glass never got released for public, Jio has a great opportunity with Google tie-up to create the best smart wearable device ever.

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Jio Glass price in India

Many speculations are going around regarding the cost of Jio Glass in India, but nothing is yet confirmed from Reliance Jio. If rumors are to be believed it will be costing somewhere near to the price of Apple iPhone’s AirPods.



Jio Glass

Rs 14,000

Jio Glass launch date in India

The recent Reliance AGM got us the unveiling of Jio Glass, a mixed reality interaction wearable. This meeting just hinted that the device will be soon available to the public, but according to sources, the Jio Glass will launch somewhere around the next month in India.


Launch Date (expected)

Jio Glass

August 2020

Jio Glass Specifications

Jio Glass has a camera lens in the center front for visuals. It is backed by audio hardware and batteries on the sides. A USB cable is to be used to connect the glass to the smartphone for internet connectivity. Most probably, Jio Glass will get wireless connectivity some months after its launch.

Jio Glass Specifications



Connectivity Speed


Interaction Type

2D & 3D Holographic

Glass Make Type


Jio Glass Features

Jio Glass is tiny but has a lot of power-packed features that will get you amazed. It is not like the traditional VR device and thus adds more than just simulation. Let’s have a look at them.

Mixed Reality

Jio Glass combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in this device to give you a whole new viewing experience called mixed reality. This technology will help you create a holographic surrounding. You will feel like interacting with your friends, colleagues, or family members in-person.

mixed reality

3D Virtual Rooms

This feature creates a virtual classroom that will help students and teachers to interact just like they do in the real physical class. Therefore, students will be more comfortable in understanding lessons than in the current 2D video call environment.

In-built Apps

Jio Glass comes with 25 pre-installed apps. These apps are related to video conferencing and personalization. Jio also invited app developers to build Jio Glass apps. 

5G Speed

Jio will be launching the Jio Glass with 5G technology so that videos are streamed in excellent quality without any buffering or lag.

Virtual Meetings

This feature allows employees to have virtual meetings in the same office environment. They can even draw charts, give presentations, share files, and much more in a meeting.

HD Video Call

This is the basic feature of Jio Glass which allows you to video chat using 2D and 3D avatars in full HD. You simply need to give a voice command and Jio Glass will automatically connect your call. For instance, you can say, “hello Jio, call Salman”.

Audio in Glass

The Jio Glass comes with audio hardware on its frame sides which is useful in transmitting and receiving sound. Thus, you don’t need to carry an earphone for audio purposes.


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Jio Glass in India: Launch Date, Price, Features, and more
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Jio Glass in India: Launch Date, Price, Features, and more
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