70 or 80 rs Paytm Cash Free Per Paytm Number (only few exception)

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70 or 80 rs Paytm Cash Free Per Paytm Number (only few exception)
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  1. Download Paytm First Games App Pro APK from Chrome.
  2. Then sign up with Paytm Number you will get 10 Bonus instantly after login.
  3. Now add 710 in Paytm wallet. Now You select Kabadi Game. Select Only Free Contest.
  4. Now Join Free Contest Game (which is like everybody wins contest means you join by paying 50 rs you get 50 rs back)of 50 and 21 both for 10 times{10*(50+21)=710 which after match is over you get back in paytm wallet See the screenshot which matches you have to join
  5. https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/584814/original/IMG_20190912_235408.jpg?1568312666
  6. https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/584815/original/Screenshot_2019-09-12-23-49-13-85_c4f5b3af03bcd454e760c7542c736e54.png?1568312799
  7. You get 70 cashback. So if you get 10 Bonus you will get 80 rs Paytm cash in All Number.
  8. Max Account this offer is given.
  9. I know this offer is known to many people.
  10. You can join max 5 Games means in First Kabadi Game join 5 in 50 rs Free Contest and other 5 in  21 rs contest . Today has 2 games so Join match
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