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Amazon AWS Free Credit of 50$ For Indian Customers

Amazon AWS Free Credit of 50$ For Indian Customers

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Using this offer any user new or existing user will get 50$ credit in Amazon billing account. This is valid for limited users, so hurry up!

How to get Amazon Free Credit:

Apply for AWS Activate
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Step 1: Sign up for an AWS Account. If you already have an AWS Account, skip to step 2.

Step 2: Find your AWS Account Number.

You can find your Account Number on the “My Account” page of the Management Console. Look for a 12 digit number under your name (formatted like 1234-5678-9012).

Step 3: Fill this Form http://aws.amazon.com/activate/self-sta...s/

Step 4: Look for an email with your unique voucher code. It should arrive within 5 minutes.

Step 5: Apply the AWS Promotional Credit to your account. AFter logging in goto this page to redeem

We hope you enjoy building on AWS!

Please register by March 20 to avail the credits and other benefits through our AWS Activate Program.

Applicable Products:

Amazon Route 53, Elastic MapReduce, EC2, SES, SWF, AWS CloudHSM, Kinesis, AWS Data Transfer, SNS, AppStream, Redshift, Glacier, SimpleDB, S3, AWS Storage Gateway, VPC, CloudSearch, ElastiCache, AWS OpsWorks, Elastic Transcoder, FPS, SQS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Direct Connect, Simple EDI, DynamoDB, AWS Data Pipeline, FWS, AWS Import/Export, CloudFront, RDS, Simple Notification Service, and ClearBox

AWS Resources

In addition, below are links to some of the AWS resources which we hope will assist you in evaluating or using the AWS Cloud platform:

Amazon Web Services User Guide – An extensive user guide showing how to achieve common tasks on the AWS platform.

AWS YouTube Channel – AWS YouTube Channel contains some useful introductory and training videos on many of our services.

AWS Blog – This Blog describes many useful use cases for our services, and also is commonly used to describe our new services when they launch.

AWS Activate – AWS Activate is a program designed to provide startups with the resources needed to get started on AWS.

About AWS – This page describes who we are, and the value of the services we offer.

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Step 3: Fill this Form -Click Here

which form bhai ???? https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_smile.gif

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You’ll be getting credit against your Amazon Web Services(AWS) account & not for Amazon’s shopping portal, tried this & got 100$ but that’s just for (business)use on AWS portal !

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its asking for phone verification also do we have to select india or usa for reg

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gr8ps wrote:

its asking for phone verification also do we have to select india or usa for reg

Like I said this promo is just for business purposes so it’ll not give you 50$ , or 100$ in my case, for shopping https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_toungueout.gif

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