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Amazon Brand - Solimo Aluminium Outer Lid Pressure Cooker 3 L (Non- Induction Base)

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  • Aluminium pressure cooker with outer lid for convenient daily cooking
  • Manufactured using superior quality virgin aluminium that is safe to use, long lasting, corrosion and odour resistant
  • ISI Certified product has 4 levels of high quality safety; precision weight valve, gasket release system, safety valve and cool-touch handle
  • Precision weight valve is spring operated facilitating easy fitment onto the vent tube prolonging its life usage
  • Compression type gasket is food grade nitrile rubber (NBR) that does not impart colour, taste or odour to the food, releasing steam if vent tube is blocked
  • High quality metallic safety valve ensures release of steam if pressure exceeds 2kg/sq.cm
  • Ergonomic bakelite handle prevents transfer of heat making it easy to hold and use
  • Strong, sturdy and stable everyday cooker resists colour change with time
  • Convenient to use
  • Ideal for boiling meats and vegetables and preparing dals, curries, stews, stocks, quinoa, pastas and more
  • Caution: Please ensure the cooker is not filled over 2/3rd full and use enough water to prevent the gasket from burning dry. Ensure the vent tube is cleaned regularly and free from blockages
  • Dimensions: Length: 355 mm (35.5 cm); Width: 197 mm (19.7 cm); Height: 203 mm (20.3 cm); Handle Position: 110 mm (11 cm); Weight: 1072 gm
  • Package Contents:- 1 Outer Lid Pressure Cooker; Capacity: 3 L

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