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Amazon Brand - Solimo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Hand Pump, Set of 6 (6 XLarge)

Amazon Brand - Solimo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Hand Pump, Set of 6 (6 XLarge)

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About this Item

  • Vacuum storage bags to compress bulky clothing and linens to make more room in your closet and luggage bags
  • Manufactured using high-quality polypropylene which is tough and durable
  • Available as a set of six xl-sized bags
  • Reusable, leakproof and inflates quickly without any hassle
  • Protects your clothes from dust, insects, moulds, smell, and humidity
  • Ideal for safely storing your winter wear such as sweaters for a longer period
  • Provision of a hand pump for sucking the air inside the vacuum bag efficiently
  • Presence of a heavy-duty valve and double seal zipper that offers airtight protection
  • Clothing Quantity: X-Large-sized bags can accommodate up to four pillows or Double size comforter
  • Caution: – Overfilling will cause the bag to re-inflate; – Fold clothes as neatly and as flat as possible to squeeze more air out; – Do not remove the foam/rubber piece inside the air valve. Removing will cause the bags to re-inflate; – Avoid storing bags near sharp objects or heat sources
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Price Changed pensive

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Needed this and now discount is gone! 🥺

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What’s this! never heard rolleyes

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hese wrote:

What’s this! never heard rolleyes

https://asubtlerevelry.com/food-expiration-vacuum-sealed-food-shelf-life-chart Something like this is the use.

You might have bought, used dates or other dry fruits and many grocery items like packaged tea which come in vacuum packs.

Those are machine done, mechanised.

These manual pumps attempt to and claim to be able to help remove moisture, air from those bsgs.
Although personally I say that these are not even half as effective.
It is just about okay for leftovers.
But if keeping leftover food in fridge, one can simply use the normal containers or bags.

For keeping foodstuffs outside fridge, these should not be relied upon beyond few weeks.

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