Amazon Digital Suite – greytHR: Payroll & HR Software Starter Pack, Lifetime Plan (Up to 25 Employees, with Exclusive Benefits) 80%off

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Redefining HR & Payroll for SMBs across India

A part of AWS SMB Digital Suite, greytHR Starter Pack is a cloud-based offering tailor-made primarily to cater to Indian small & mid-size businesses.

With greytHR Starter Pack, a low-priced Payroll and HR automation software, you can now pay attention to strategic business operations while saving your time & efforts.

Say bye to all routine, mundane HR tasks and stop juggling between confusing excel sheets. Accurate payroll processing for hassle-free month ends and salaries on time. Track employee life-cycle activities, simplify HR work processes and build a happy workforce with zero efforts, greytHR has got you covered!

Why choose greytHR Starter Pack? Basic access to below benefits:

Core HR services – Hassle-free and paperless employee data management for up to 25 active employees
Payroll Management – Error-free & quick payroll processing with payroll history available for the last 13 month
Leave & Attendance Management – Track and manage employee leave & attendance information (Available leave types: EL, PTL, ML, LOP)
Employee self-service – Enhanced employee engagement through self-service portal
Mobile Application – Easily access payslips and other critical info through mobile app
Data Storage and Back-up: Free storage to manage your HR and employee data up to 250MB
greytHR is trusted by 9000+ businesses and over 10 lakh employees, spread across 150 cities and diverse industries.

How does greytHR bring business transformation?


Stressful & error-prone payroll computations
Scattered employee information
Challenging time-off & attendance tracking
Frustrated & disengaged workforce

Error-free & quick payroll processing
Hassle-free and paperless employee data management
Track and manage employee leave & attendance information
Enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction

The Starter Pack is the perfect product to set the stage to addressing your HR needs. This plan comes with 2 hours of free onboarding support as an exclusive Amazon benefit. 

Upgrade to “greytHR Wings Plan” on a monthly subscription basis through Amazon Marketplace to unlock even more value which includes increased total employee limit, additional modules and add-ons, power features, reporting and analytics, premium support offerings, premium backup, data services, and more..!

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