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Amazon Pay Account Protection Quiz Answers

Amazon Pay Account Protection Quiz Answers

The PostMighty

You receive a phone call from an Amazon executive asking you to share an OTP to cancel a COD order accidentally placed on your account. You should __________.

Do not share OTP as it seems like a suspicious call. You can check your orders by visiting your Amazon account. 

You received an automated IVR call claiming to be from Amazon, stating that there is unauthorized access to the Amazon account and asking to enter an OTP on the call to stop the access. What should you do?

You should not share the OTP as Amazon will not call any customer to collect OTPs.

Identify all the warning signs to protect your Amazon account from unauthorized access or fraudulent transactions.

All of the above

You have noticed an unauthorized transaction or suspicious activity on your Amazon account. What should you do?

Immediately report the incident to Amazon irrespective of the financial loss.

How can you better protect against unauthorized access?

Enable two step verifications on your Amazon Account. 

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