Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 26th May 2023

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 26th May 2023


Question 1 of 5: IIT Madras to receive Rs 242 crore for research on what as per Budget 2023?

The answer is- Lab Grown Diamonds

Question 2 of 5: What material was used to make the sleeveless jacket that Indian Oil gifted to PM Modi?

The answer is- Recycled plastic bottles

Question 3 of 5: Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian woman to win an Oscar for best actress for her role in which film?

The answer is- Everything Everywhere All at Once

Question 4 of 5: In which continent is this animal found?

The answer is- Africa

Question 5 of 5: The name of this bird comes from which language?

The answer is- Ancient Greek

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