Hammer Flow Lite Electric Toothbrush [Apply Coupon]

Hammer Flow Lite Electric Toothbrush [Apply Coupon]

58% OFF 999.0

Deep Cleaning: Hammer Flow Lite electric toothbrush allows deep teeth cleaning, with its superior britles and gentle cleaning. Flow Lite makes sure that your teeth are clean and gums are well protected

Electric Tooth Brush with 120 Days Battery Life: AAA battery cell can last upto 4 months. Usage of two minutes, twice a day

Freedom from Recharging: The availability of a AAA cell globally empowers you to forget the charger behind. No need to worry about battery draining. AAA batteries can be replaced anywhere and everywhere

Sonic Technology: Hammer Flow Lite toothbrush generates 24,000 strokes/minute that creates a gentle massage on gums and deep cleaning effect on your teeth

Replaceable DuPont Bristle Head: Hammer electric Toothbrush Flow lite has replaceable wavy dupont soft bristles for deep and effective cleaning in all the four quadrants of the mouth

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