Arctic Fox Anti Theft Backpack

Arctic Fox Anti Theft Backpack

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Arctic Fox Alarm anti-theft Glitch Black laptop bag and backpack
  • Llatest upgraded Anti-Theft backpack with Alarm System, designed with an extra layer of protection for your personal belongings.
  • USB Charge External USB port with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging of your electronic device anywhere, and this bag do not include a battery, you need a power bank to charge it
  • Spacious compartment,Drawstring rain bag to protect your pack from rain,Airflow back system with padded shoulder strap , Litter pouch and Side drink pouch.
  • 15.5 Inch Laptop Compartment, Size: HxWxD : 46X34X23 CM, Capacity (Liters): 35
  • Included Items : Backpack, USB Cable, Rain cover Bag and Zipper Charger Cable

• Alarm function, when unzipped by unauthorized person.

• Built-in alarm chip with rechargeable battery which lasts for approximately 2 months.

• Reminder function to close the bag if left open for more than 45 sec.

• Optional Activate/ Deactivate Alarm System.

Back Padding, Shoulder Strap, Litter Pouch, and First Aid Kit

An ergonomically designed Airflow Back System supported by padded shoulder straps with adjustable webbing is a major addition to our backpacks to even out the weight on your shoulders..

A first-aid essential kit to back you up in the case of an injury. The kit holds Elastic Adhesive Bandage, Absorbent Gauze, Combine Dressing, Cotton Elastic Bandage, Cetrimide Cream, and Adhesive Plaster. This will relieve your pain to an extent, but we advise you to visit the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.

Water Repellent Fabric

All our Arctic Fox bags are fabricated with water repellent fabrics. The Alarm Anti-Theft backpack has a 35-litre capacity and is constructed with 400D Twill Polyester PU coated fabric.

Laptop Sleeve and Tablet Sleeve

A padded sleeve with a 15-inch laptop compatibility and a padded tablet sleeves a major feature in our Alarm Anti-Theft backpack.





Anti-Theft Compartment, Smart Organizer, and Alarm Zipper Slider

The backpack is equipped with a spacious anti-theft single compartment that protects your valuables from external forces. It enables the users to pack more efficiently using the smart organizers like the zipper pocket, the mesh zipper pocket, the two flat pockets, the small mesh pocket, and the two pen loops.

The backpack is secured with an advanced alarm zipper and runner. An alarm beeps if an unauthorized person tries to open your backpack. The runner is chargeable and has a battery backup of up to two months.

Rain Cover Bag

The Alarm Anti-Theft Anti-Theft backpack comes with a water repellent Rain Cover enabling extra protection from natural elements. It can be worn on the back as you set out through nature.

Expiring In 3 months

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