BitteR  Rat Repellent  Spray For Car  ,Bike , Wires etc.

BitteR Rat Repellent Spray For Car ,Bike , Wires etc.

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BitteR Rat Repellent Camphor Spray : 100 ml

Protects wires, cables, tubes, parts of rubber, plastic etc. at home from rat chewing
- Stop entry of rats at home by spraying bitter at entry points which can be chewed by rats - window nets on the balcony, bathroom etc
- Contains denatonium benzoate – recognised as the world’s bitterest-tasting substance by Guinness World Records
- Rats get a bitter shock in their mouth if they attempt to chew any surface coated with bitter. This bitter experience makes them run away from such places and protect your valuable items/appliances etc.

How To Use
- Wear hand gloves and a mask
- Shake the can well before use
- Spray from a 10 cm distance from the surface
- Let it dry completely and apply a double coat
- Ensure proper spraying on a dry surface free of oil, grease and dirt
- For use on vehicles: Always spray on a cool engine at room temperature. First, clean and dry the surface thoroughly. Do not start the engine for 4 hours after application. Spraying in cabin and boot space is not advisable as the product will come in direct contact and give a bitter taste to everyone in the car
- Home usage: Careful usage. Spray only on the items to be protected from rats. Avoid direct contact with the surface after application. Ensure the spray is not applied on other items which require regular contact
Expiring In 2 months
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