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BLACK+DECKER BC12-B2 , 2/8/12 Amp 3 Speed Automatic Battery Charger & Manual Control

BLACK+DECKER BC12-B2 , 2/8/12 Amp 3 Speed Automatic Battery Charger & Manual Control

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3 Speed Automatic Charge

BLACK+DECKER manufactures high-quality power tools and hand tools, that are engineered to make operation easier and convenient. This automated vehicle battery charger provides an optimum charging output of 12.8-Volts. It can quickly revive deeply discharged batteries with a safe and easy charging mechanism.

This automated battery charger provides 3 speed charging with 2Amp, 8Amp and 12Amp current. It provides fast charge to revive deeply discharged batteries in order to get them functioning again.




12.8V Charging Output

This battery charger provides an optimum output of 12.8 Volts for efficient charging. It is compatible with most vehicle batteries. The charger is extremely compact and light in weight.

Illuminating LED Display

The device has an illuminating LED display, that turns green when the battery is being charged. This provides a safe and convenient solution for charging dead batteries within an instant.

Safe Operation

The charger has a smart charging feature that prevents the unit and battery from internal shock circuits. It can be left ON without any inconvenience due to the floating charge mode. This ensures safe operation.




Easy to Operate

This vehicle battery charger is very easy to operate. Connect the charging pins on the battery and turn on the device for instant charging. It provides an excellent way of charging flat batteries.

Light Weight and Compact Design

The charger has a light weight and compact design, that enables the user to carry, store and operate the unit without any hassle. The structure provides comfortable hand grip while carrying the device.

Durable Construction

This charger is manufactured with high grade material for long-term usage. It offers an instant and effective charging solution. It has a durable construction, which is quality tested to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.


Ideal for Professional and Domestic Use

This battery charger is ideal for use by professional mechanics. It is also suitable for domestic applications. It has a digital smart control microprocessor that protects the charger from short circuits. It also has an in-built automatic float mode to monitor and prevent the battery from getting overcharged.

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