CBSE Class X 2020 - Chapter and Topic-wise Solved Papers 2011-2019 : Social Science (All Sets - Delhi & All India) - Double Colour Matter

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Class X Board exams are a race against time. You must Know how to manage time efficiently if you want to ace your exams. At career Launcher, we understand the struggle of attempting such a crucial examination for the first time and the pressure that comes along with it. Which is why, our br>Chapter and topic-wise Solved Papers for social Science have been designed to help you become acquainted with the exam pattern and hone your time management skills, both at the same time. Exclusively designed for the students of CBSE Class X by highly experienced teachers, The book provides answers to all actual questions of social Science Board exams conducted from 2011 to 2019. The solutions have been prepared exactly in coherence with the latest Marking pattern; after a careful evaluation of previous year trends of the questions asked in Class X boards and actual solutions provided by CBSE. Why do you need this book? To prepare for the actual exam: our Sample Papers and Chapter-wise Solved Papers have been designed by experts in strict adherence to CBSE’s X Board exam guidelines, so that you get the feel of writing a real exam paper. Overcome fear of boards: preparing for Boards can be a breeze if you are familiar with question pattern and marking Scheme and our Sample Papers and Chapter-wise books do just that. Inculcate time management: key to Acing Board Papers is to divide time judiciously between questions of varying marks. Our Chapter-wise papers will familiarize you with the pattern and you can practice managing time with our Sample Papers. Simple! Analyze your strengths & weaknesses: with time-bound practice, you will identify your Areas of Strength and weakness, and analyze them so that you can formulate your preparation strategy more efficiently. To face the CBSE Class X exam with Confidence; there is no better option than Sample Papers & Chapter-wise Solved Papers by career Launcher!.

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