Celebrate #NoFeeNovember with WazirX | Crypto | BTC | ETH

Celebrate #NoFeeNovember with WazirX | Crypto | BTC | ETH

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Namaste Tribe! 🙏

We’re celebrating the first step towards the official recognition of cryptocurrencies in India! We want to share this joy by inviting our tribe to celebrate the rest of November with WazirX. Trade in the BTC/INR market of WazirX at ZERO trading fees.

So get ready to trade non-stop until the 30th November 2021, 11:59 IST.

Buy, sell, trade BTC/INR at ZERO trading fee until the 30th November 2021! Share this

What is the offer period?
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 9 PM — Tuesday, 30th November 2021, 11:59 PM IST

What is the offer?
Pay ZERO trading fee to buy and sell in the BTC/INR market of WazirX.
There is no limit on trading. You can trade unlimited BTC at ZERO trading fee during the offer period.
This offer is only applicable in the BTC/INR market. Go on, make the most of your November by buying the most performing asset of the decade.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and invite them to trade.

Share this with your friends and family!

Happy #NoFeeNovember 🚀


PM if looking for Invite Code.

Expiring In 19 days
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They charge a bomb for adding one funds through mobikwik

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Bro Compared to other exchanges stock prices are low. Other exchanges are starting they will charge high fees too once after a few months.

Wazirx is reliable. Happy with this