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Featured Contest Ganesh Chaturthi | Comment and Win Amazon Voucher

Contest Ganesh Chaturthi | Comment and Win Amazon Voucher


Hey Buddies,

Lord Shri Ganesh is coming to our home, here is a contest

Share your Ganapati Idol or Interesting Story behind it  🌸

or you can just comment Ganapati Bappa Morya 

Also, Do you use Idol eco-friendly or POP?



Terms & Conditions

Single Entry Allowed.

Contest Extended till 22nd September, 07:00 PM


Reward Pool:

Up to 99 Unique Participations: 10 Winners

Up to 299 Unique Participations: 25 Winners

299+ Unique Participations: 50 Winners

Each Winner will get ₹50 Amazon Voucher.

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Commentator Commentator
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Ganapati Bappa Morya

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Ganapata Bappa mourya , we give food to poor people about 100 to150 people

Hunk Hunk
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guuDeals wrote:

One of the most well-known stories about Lord Ganesha is the tale of how he got his elephant head. It is said that Parvati, Ganesha's mother, created him from her own body and asked him to guard the entrance while she took a bath. When Lord Shiva, Ganesha's father, returned and was denied entry by the young boy, a fierce battle ensued in which Ganesha's head was severed.

To console Parvati, Lord Shiva instructed his followers to bring him the head of the first living being they encountered, which happened to be an elephant. Lord Shiva then attached the elephant's head to Ganesha's body, bringing him back to life and making him the unique deity we know today.

This story of Ganesha's origin symbolizes his wisdom, the importance of obedience and respect for parents, and his role as a remover of obstacles.

First living being, sleeping with head pointed towards the North direction. 🙂🙂🙂

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Ganapati Bappa Morya 🙏🙏

Benevolent Benevolent
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This is my Bappa. 🙏🏽 Ganpati Bappa More Yeah Moraya! smile

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा


ओम गं गणपतये नमः

Cool Cool
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At my home this is 2nd year of bappa at my place,second pic is of clay made ganeshji by son.
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Neversaynever wrote:

One Ganesh Chaturthi I went along with the procession into a pond. Being a child I didn't know it was deep. I tried to collect a lotus, Suddenly my feet were off ground. There was nobody around, luckily some adult full and round like Ganesh, came out of water , maybe he was having a dip. I grabbed his arm gasping for breath on one side. He realised and got me to shore blush

Jai Ganesh Maharaj pray

thats why the lord is called vignaharta
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Ganapati Bappa Morya

We made eco friendly Ganesha made out of cow dung

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Our Bappa is now seating at location 'Shiv Shakti'.

I rephrased this for Ganesh Festival

भारत पोहचला चंद्रावर

गणपती बाप्पा उंदरावर


Bharat reached on the Moon

Lord Ganesh on the Mouse

Idol is made up of Shadu Maati which is easily can be immersed in bucket with water and no water pollution.

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गणपती बाप्पा मोरया 🙏🚩

Pro Budding Star Pro Budding Star
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Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah pray  hey bhagwaan sbko relieved sadbuddhi do taki wo shi glt ka samna kr paye.

Beacon Beacon
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Ganapati Bappa Morya
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Ganapati bappa morya 

Supernova Supernova
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Results will be announced on/before Monday, 25th September

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Thank you 🌞

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