Dream11 Deposit Bonus Offer Deposit 50 get extr...

Dream11 Deposit Bonus Offer Deposit 50 get extra 50

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Dream11 Deposit Bonus Offer – May 22 to June 5
This “Dream11 Deposit Bonus Offer – May 22 to June 5” (“Promotion”), is open to select users who have not made any deposits on Dream11 till date. Under this Promotion, users who make at least one Qualifying Deposit (as defined below) during the Promotion Period (defined below) will be eligible to receive a cash bonus amount (“Bonus Amount”), in accordance with, and subject to the users’ full compliance with these Terms (defined below).

Please note our terms and conditions (“Terms”) in this respect, as they govern your participation in the Promotion:

Eligibility – Participation in the Promotion is only available to registered users of Dream11 who receive the banner communication on the Dream11 mobile application and are eligible to participate in the pay-to-play Dream11 contests as per Dream11’s terms and conditions (accessible here)
By participating in this Promotion, you agree to comply with these Terms, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Promotions and the terms and conditions of the Dream11 game (accessible here)
The Promotion will be open for participation from Indian Standard Time (“IST”) 19:00:00 hours on May 22nd, 2020 till IST 23:59:59 hours on June 5th, 2020 (“Promotion Period”).
To participate in the Promotion, you must make at least one cash deposit of exactly any of the amounts specified in the table below (“Qualifying Deposit”) into your Dream11 account during the Promotion Period to be eligible to receive the Bonus Amount corresponding to the Qualifying Deposit made by you, in accordance with the table below:
Qualifying Deposit (INR) Bonus Amount (INR)
50 50
Please note that only the Qualifying Deposits made by a user during the Promotion Period shall be considered for the purpose of determining whether a user is eligible to receive the Bonus Amount and not any deposits that are made by the user into such user’s Dream11 account before or after the Promotion Period.
There is no maximum limit on the number of Qualifying Deposits that can be made by a user during the Promotion Period. However, the Bonus Amount shall be credited only once for the First Qualifying Deposit amount of the above-listed value.
Subject to your compliance with these Terms, the Bonus Amount will be credited into your Cash Bonus Account by IST 23:59:59 hours on June 6th,2020.
The maximum Bonus Amount that can be credited to your Cash Bonus Account pursuant to this Promotion is INR 50. This is the sum total of cash bonus which will be credited if a user were to deposit each qualifying deposit once.
Please note that this Promotion is only available to the first 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) users who make the Qualifying Deposit within the Promotion Period. First 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) users shall be calculated on the first come first serve basis.
Unutilized Cash Bonus will expire in 30 days from the date that it has been credited.

Expiring In 15 days