Durex Cool Lube Plus Extra Thin (10s)

Durex Cool Lube Plus Extra Thin (10s)

Deal Cadet


Durex Cool Lube Plus Extra Thin (10s)

Expiring In about 17 hours
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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How is this one dimers any suggestions …

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Can’t deliver.. Even if your in the any solar system

Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
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It’s good for lubrication as it’s a water based .. but not good for back door entry.. tried but painful for the partner. Overall good for those who has big tool and using it for front door 

What was this review……LoL………..:P
@popeyemask Important feedback for you regarding 2 doors…i mean seriosuly Amazon does read reviews and publish it after 2-3 days right? Still?

#EPIC Review EVER. Still laughing 😛

Entertainer Entertainer
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MrKool_JJ wrote:


Must be some Carpenter at work 😀

Spearhead Spearhead
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available now

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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S4u wrote:

available now

Its available but failing at checkout

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