Food ordering mini loot box8 and few other apps

Food ordering mini loot box8 and few other apps

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Box8 is providing 100₹ credits back on orders worth 100₹+ (before taxes and discounts) for predicting the IPL matches on match day. The credits are 100% usable.

The trick here is that sometimes the prediction can be done even till the last ball (maybe a bug), so we can surely win those 100 credits back. However, sometimes the prediction option is closed as early as before 10 overs of the 2nd innings.

You can get eatclub free trail for one month and avoid delivery charges and also enjoy 30% off on every order unlimited times!

Eatclub has multiple restaurants like box8,mojo pizza, mealfully wraps, itminan briyani which have standalone apps and this offer works individually and independent on these apps.

So overall, you can get upto 500₹ credits back per match day(5 × 100₹ credits back per app)

Points to note:
1. Sometimes, the prediction option is along with the item customization and sometimes as a separate listing, take care of that.
2. Dont predict two different teams if you are ordering multiples items in the same order (although you can predict differently for different orders).

Attached images as proof where i have ordered with my previous credits and also got credits back for correct prediction

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Expiring In 24 days