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Free Udemy Courses - 19th Sep [40+ Courses]

Free Udemy Courses - 19th Sep [40+ Courses]

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[4.2] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & InvestorCode=212A3B4906C99598A9C7

[4.3] [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & PandasCode=7E8D011CE21E62853AA1

[4.4] [1h 57m] React.JS: The Complete Course for Beginners Code=30326A4DE08CE8E5CC57

[4.3] [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in PythonCode=C9EFDC295D7018689273

[4.2] [4h 20m] HTML5 & CSS3 Complete Course: Build Websites like a ProCode=16AEC22BC7F26DFDD896

[4.2] [4h 1m] Complete Italian for Beginners: Speak Italian like a ProCode=7D1E520ADB4CA6EF6D04

[4.1] [3h 34m] Python for OOP: The A-to-Z OOP Python Programming CourseCode=5082FACBA61A2CAAD1A5

[4.5] [31m] Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained IN 30 MINUTES FOR FREE No Code

[4.3] [31h 1m] Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022 + Meta 410-101 ExamCode=WATERTIGER17

[4.5] [6h 39m] Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO CourseCode=WATERTIGER14

[4.5] [6h 38m] Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Retargeting CourseCode=WATERTIGER14

[4.5] [6h 39m] Best of Copywriting & SEO: Content, Copywriting & SEO CourseCode=WATERTIGER15

[4.2] [1h 29m] Presentation Skills: Insurance Your Next Speech Will be GoodCode=018E4C81BFBD15EE79BF

[4.2] [56m] Time Management Public Speaking - Drastically Reduce PrepCode=EC73B44A67A9E3A3CCF7

[3.9] [1h 57m] Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 HoursCode=A87C2FE320CA73AD0B83

[4.2] [1h 22m] You Can Deliver a TED-Style Talk Presentation (Unofficial)Code=394B1E071655A27FDCF0

[4.2] [1h 8m] Fear of Public Speaking: Never Fear Public Speaking AgainCode=7E69DC5B868BF6D7BB96

[3.7] [34m] Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund Investing Code=INVEST101

[3.8] [1h 29m] How To Crowdfund Code=CROWDFUNDING101

[New] [37m] Systeme io Tutorial - Grow Your Business The Right Way Code=LEARN4FREE

[3.8] [4h 38m] Crypto Masterclass: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, MetaverseCode=136D95145E5E289790F9

[4.6] [10h 44m] QuickBooks Desktop Job Costing Code=4AEB6CCE3D7268B9C0FB

[4.1] [11h 38m] QuickBooks Desktop Not for Profit Organizations Code=5C63672238B7E7432B3B

[Bestseller] [163h 29m] Corporate Finance Code=A92A26285C6E8A6C0AAF

[4.2] [2h 50m] Money In Excel - Income Tax Sch. C & Personal FinancialsCode=321631655F93D84633C1

[4.6] [4h 1m] Personal Capital Free Financial Planner Application Code=3C6957B8F0C2859CBF43

[4.5] [63h 39m] Advanced Financial Accounting Code=81908FF2F90A7365241C

[4.2] [146h 17m] Personal Finance Code=6E9FA32F9566F62F31CC

[4.7] [44h 12m] Real Estate Investment & Finance Code=53897FD406E78E5946B8

[Bestseller] [9h 22m] Bank Reconciliations & Cash Internal ControlsCode=79BA166D9F4F80BE33D4

[4.4] [14h 13m] Receivables & The Allowance vs The Direct Write Off MethodsCode=6106C2820DFDF9573F8A

[4.3] [11h 56m] Financial Accounting-Depreciation Calculation & Fixed AssetsCode=978D0705CFC0B1EE2BB1

[4.5] [13h 18m] Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using Python Code=BJIRQV

[4.3] [10h 57m] Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) with Keras in Python and R Code=QBKBKX

[4.3] [50m] First Steps Into Selling Smarter Code=SEPT-22

[Bestseller] [6h 51m] Marketing Analytics: Forecasting Models with Excel Code=GMKABB

[Highest rated] [5h 53m] Decision Trees, Random Forests, Bagging & XGBoost: R StudioCode=PGCQFK

[4.4] [2h 27m] 10x your Productivity with Time Management Code=EA5F005D6522C7DFF6EB

[4.6] [52m] Public Speaking: A tactical approach Code=PSLAB_PSTA.9.19.2022

[Highest rated] [1h 55m] Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations : MasterClass With ProjectCode=64BA44D2841FA1FCCC63

[4.3] [1h 23m] Car Flipping : The Art of Running Car Business - OCSALY 2022Code=CARSELLINGFREE100OFF

[4.6] [6h 16m] Logistic Regression in R Studio Code=NVMCIQ

[Amazon US/UK] CSS (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Startup Innovation Hacking (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] HTML (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] 6 Free eBooks: Advance 

[Amazon US/UK] Java (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

[Amazon US/UK] Excel Functions (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

Popular and Best Selling Discounted Courses

[4.3] [96h 43m] Ultimate SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Course 2022 $9.99Code=FREEBIES2

[4.6] [75h 54m] Digital Marketing Course as Project & Fun: 88 Days Challenge $9.99Code=FREEBIES2

[4.4] [45h 40m] Python Hands-On 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 2 Exams $9.99Code=PYTHON24

[4.7] [19h 56m] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2022 $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.5] [150 questions] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [23h 16m] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02+SAA-C03 $11.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [390 questions] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams $10.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [12h 18m] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Training [New] 2022 $11.99 Code=AWSSEP22

[4.6] [390 questions] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 500 Practice Exam Questions $10.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [5h 5m] [EXAM REVIEWER] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 $9.99 Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [29h 12m] AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Training DVA-C01 $10.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [390 questions] AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions $10.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.7] [16h 3m] AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate 2022 [SOA-C02] $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.6] [260 questions] AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[Bestseller] [7h 23m] AWS Networking Masterclass - Amazon VPC and Hybrid Cloud $12.99Code=AWSSEP22

[Bestseller] [3h 57m] Learn AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO & Federation $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[Bestseller] [7h 59m] Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners [2022] $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.6] [2h 37m] AWS Business Essentials - The Business Value of AWS [2022] $9.99Code=AWSSEP22

[4.3] [17h 11m ] Kotlin Programming Masterclass 2022: From Zero To Hero! $9.99Code=9C9A7AEBED85BC94F94B

[Bestseller] [88h 37m] Digital Marketing Course 2022: Be a Digital Marketing Nomad $9.99Code=FREEBIES3

[Bestseller] [21h 25m] Copywriting & Content Marketing Course: Be a Pro Copywriter $9.99Code=FREEBIES1

[4.5] [22h 15m] The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Course $9.99 Code=THANKS009

[4.6] [35h 53m] The Complete English Grammar Course - Perfect Your English $9.99Code=THANKS009

[Bestseller] [12h 39m] Complete Organization Masterclass - Organize - Decluttering $9.99Code=THANKS109

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