Get 10% cashback when you shop on with your IndusInd Bank Debit Card

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 Get 10% cashback when you shop on with your IndusInd Bank Debit Card
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Terms & Conditions for Valentine Rewards Offer

 The IndusInd Bank “Valentine Rewards Offer” is open to all customers holding a valid IndusInd Bank

Debit Card and have been communicated the offer through SMS/Email/Notifications.

 The programme is valid from 16th February 2021 till 25

th February 2021. The Offer is brought to you 

by IndusInd Bank Limited (“IndusInd Bank”) and participation in the Offer is voluntary.

Offer Construct:

 Offer: Get 10% cashback when you shop on with your IndusInd Bank Debit Card. 

Valid from 16

th February 2021 till 25th February 2021

Offer T&C:

1. Offer-

 Offer is applicable from 16th February 2021 till 25th February 2021

 Minimum Transaction Value- Rs 3,000/-

 Maximum Cashback- Rs 1,000/-

 Cashback will be in the form of Indus Reward Points

 Offer will be applicable only once per card during the offer period.

2. The offer is applicable only for select customers who are communicated about the same by 

the Bank through Email/SMS/Notifications.

3. To qualify for the cashback, customer has to do the requisite activity, as communicated in the 


4. Reward Points will be credited to the eligible customers by 31st March 2021.

General Terms & Conditions

 The offer is valid only on selected products

 The offers are brought to you by IndusInd Bank Limited (“IndusInd Bank”) and any 

participation in the offer is voluntary.

 The offers are applicable to the customers to whom the SMS/mailer is addressed.

 The offers are on-going till the specified validity date

 Tax liability, if any, to be borne by the Cardholder.

 IndusInd Bank shall neither be responsible for nor guarantee delivery of SMS/Emails to the 

customer and shall not be liable for non-delivery of the same arising due to mobile network 

issues, DND activation by customers, and personal email settings of customer.

 Regular Debit Card Terms and Conditions apply. IndusInd Bank reserves the right to alter any 

of the terms and conditions of the offer or to withdraw the offer completely at any time 

without prior notice.

 IndusInd Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or

for any personal injury that may be suffered as a result of availing the Offers.

 The offers are subject to force majeure events.

 The participation in the program shall constitute deemed acceptance by the Cardholder of all 

the terms and conditions governing the Programme.

 IndusInd Bank does not warrant, represent or guarantee the quality of goods / services availed 

by the customers.

 IndusInd Bank Debit Cardholders irrevocably agree and acknowledge that IndusInd Bank

makes no guarantee or warranty that the participating Merchants shall honour the offer.

 Accordingly, IndusInd Bank Debit Cardholders shall not make any claim or seek compensation 

against IndusInd Bank in relation to any loss, damage, expense suffered in relation to non-

fulfilment by the participating Merchants under this program.

 Any dispute as regards the quality of the products and services are to be taken by Cardholder 

directly with Merchants.

 IndusInd Bank reserves the right to disqualify any customers from the benefits of this offer 

inter alia for events like unusual transaction pattern that may indicate collusion between 

merchant and cardholder, recycling of funds via wallets/fund transfers, business expenses

solely or any cases of charge back.

 The Bank at its sole discretion can decide cardholders who can avail these offers. The decision 

of IndusInd Bank will be considered as final and binding for rewarding the


 In all matters relating to the Programme, the decision of IndusInd Bank shall be final and

binding in all respects.

 The Bank reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of 

these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by any other Offer, whether 

similar to this offer or to withdraw it altogether without giving prior notice.

 The terms and conditions of the programme shall be in addition to and not in 

substitution/derogation to the primary terms and conditions governing the card and shall at 

all times be read along with terms of the Card member Agreement and such other terms and 

conditions that the Bank may deem appropriate in its sole discretion. Any irreconcilable 

contradiction between the terms and conditions contained herein and the Card member

Agreement, then terms of the Card member Agreement to prevail the present conditions.

 Any disputes arising out of this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent 

courts in Mumbai.

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Eek bar account khula liye to fir nahi aayenge ye offers 😌

T- once open a account with them then there will be no offers 😐

Vu nice offer btw 🙂