Hero Of The Kingdom Tales2 Android Game

Hero Of The Kingdom Tales2 Android Game

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https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=c... Lovely adventuring RPG series. Casual, story-driven journey and quests.

Save your city and your people from great evil and become a heroic princess.

You are having a small adventure outside the city walls. You are the princess, in the guise of a rogue. However, returning home is no longer possible. The city is on fire and the streets have been plundered by hordes of unknown monsters. People are leaving their homes in panic and seek refuge from certain doom. But this is your city and your people. You can’t lie idle. You have to protect your city and get allies to fight by your side against great evil. Gain courage and become a heroic princess.

* Explore the beautiful country and save the city from great evil.
* Help people and complete many interesting quests.
* Fight monsters and learn many skills.
* Find hundreds of useful hidden items.
* Earn up to 26 achievements.

Discover the second episode of the Lost Tales storyline, featuring all the unique gameplay you have come to expect from the Hero of the Kingdom series. Enjoy a casual and lovely adventuring RPG that features classic story-driven Point&Click exploration in an old-school isometric style. Embark on a journey to explore a beautiful country, help people and complete many interesting quests. Learn skills, trade and collect items in your inventory. Earn nice rewards for your good deeds and achievements. Do not miss this new and interesting tale about the heroic princess.

Supported languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak
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